by.amanda jacob

Why not to drink

When you drink it can affect your life your job your family etc. It won't help your body process better. It can slow your body down and can cause you to suffer from a lot of mental illness. It can lead to addiction and can cause you to be high in some occasions. It can also make you feel sick and can make you bleed to death. It can cause you to have memory loss. Also it can lead to dangerous activities like drinking and driving, fighting, car accidents,etc. It can affect your brain even by having a few drinks a day.IT can also make you have stress and cause depression really quickly. You should not drink under the influence because it can cause you to have this types of symptoms which can affect everything you have in life.

The risks

The risks of drinking alcohol

Alcohol can go to your blood and tissues. It can lead to many different types of risks like weight brain or even your life.