Our Amazing Trip to NYC

Lynn Levy, Live Barami, Asaf Miara, Lior Galili

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We, Lynn Levy, Live Barami and Asaf Miara, travel to New-York all by ourselves in the Autumn, with 40,000$ in our budget. The trip consists of shopping, exploring the city and visiting historical places. We take both warm and summer clothes and we don't eat Kosher food.

Day 1\4 - Arrival and Exploring The City

We land at JFK Airport in around 10AM and we're making our way to the Peninsula hotel by taxi. We stay in the hotel for 2 hours, checking out the room, unpacking & choosing our beds. After 2 hours at the hotel we're going to Central park for a walk. Then we're stopping at Starbucks & then we're going to The Imagine Mosaic, The Carousel and Belverede Castle. After visiting all those places we go to China Town and eat at Chinatown Noodle restaurant. Afterwards we go to Rockefeller Center, and in around 10:30PM we go back to the hotel and stay there until the morning.

Day 2\4 - Visiting Historical Sites & Museums

We wake up in 9AM, afterwards we eat breakfast at the hotel. In around 11AM we leave the hotel and go to the MOMA - Museum Of Modern Arts, using the subway. After staying there until 12:30PM, we go to The Metropolitan, using the subway. After staying there for about 1:30PM we go to the International Center of Photography museum and stay there until 3PM. After visiting all 3 museums we go to eat at Wolfgang and then we take a ferrytaxi to Liberaty Island and visit the Statue Of Liberaty. After visiting the Statue of Liberaty we eat at Evelyn Hill Inc. Afterwards we return to the hotel at 6PM.

Day 3\4 - Shopping & Concerts

We wake up in 10AM and eat breakfast at the hotel. We leave the hotel in about 12PM and go to 5th Avenue and Lower East side and do some shopping. After shopping in both places until 1:30PM we go to KFC for lunch, and then we go to Madison Square Garden for a concert. After an awesome concert we go to Times Square for a little walk until 7PM & then go back to the hotel, start packing... and steal some towels ;)

Day 4\4 - Going home

We wake up at 10AM and eat breakfast at the hotel. In around 12PM we leave the hotel and go to Ellis Island and walk around there until 1PM. Afterwards we go skydiving in Long Island, and then we buy a hot dog from a hot dog stand and eat lunch. After lunch we go to the hotel, finish packing, stay at the hotel for a little bit and then we check out, go to JFK airport and go home.