Environmental Study Project

Sara Valdez


The weather around this area i usually at a high temperature like some days it gets to be more than 90 degrees, But around November through January it's cold and windy. The weather effects the residents by how much the heat. I looked up that in the hospital the level of people dehydrating and fainting rises. Also the bills for water and the air conditioning bills rise. But there is also a good side to having hot weather. For example when it gets warm you can go to the beach or a water park to be with family or friends.

Natural Disasters

Some of the natural disasters in florida is a tornado occurred in 2003 07/29. In 2007 02/08 there was a severe storm and tornadoes. The frequencies of tornadoes in florida this past ten years is very high because when i researched for this there were many dates that said Florida got hit by tornadoes, hurricanes, and severe tropical storms. Floridas frequency for natural disasters is low. Florida had 2 bad years but 8 good years but we got hit a lot. To make sure you stay safe during any future disasters you should have a box of supplies to help you during the storm. For example, in the box you should have like a safety kit, blankets, pillows, food, and water.


Orlando began life as a sleepy little Southern town, but it didn't stay like that for long. Orlando is a popular tourist destination. Florida is the 27th state in 1845. Florida's nickname is the sunshine state. The population of Orlando is 249,600. Orlando is the theme park capital of the world. The founder of Orlando is Jack Brack. Jack found Orlando in 1857.


The residents in orlando can have a great time with the family, friends, and even pets. In orlando you can go to many theme parks or just parks to play with kids. Also you can go to the beach. Now lets talk about the sports in orlando. There are many sports in orlando like basketball. Orlando even has its own basketball team, the magics.


We all know the man wildlife in orlando is the alligator. But there are also other beautiful and safer wildlife like fish, insects, invertebrates, and birds. For example, there is the bald eagle which has over 1000 nesting pairs. There is also the manatee, there are protections for florida manatees were first enacted in 1893. Lastly, but certainly not the least there is the panther which are the hunters. There are more wildlife but lets talk about how the wildlife harms the area. In orlando there is also bears, bears can get away from their habitats and get into or community which can harm us.


The culture in Orlando is mostly of Hispanics. There is many people that come from around the world. My culture is Latino, my family is mostly from Columbia. In my community it's nice to see people from different cultures helping out each other. i saw people from Africa, India, and Puerto Rico helping each other with an event that was going on in the park. The culture in Orlando is mostly of Hispanics. There is many people that come from around the world. My culture is Latino, my family is mostly from Columbia.

My Map

I picked these five places because Pinar Elementary was my old school and everyday i would get super excited to go. I also chose fashion square, and and Waterford lakes because when i go out with my family we always go to one of those places and have a good time together.

Overall Reflection