Chapter 13 & 14 TKAM

answered by Ashley

Chapter 13

Why does Aunt Alexandra come to visit? How does Scout feel about her arrival?

She comes to visit because Scout needs some feminine influence. Scout is not too happy about Alexandria coming to visit.

What is Aunt Alexandra’s major theory concerning human behavior? How does Jem point out the irrationality of it?

Her theory was that the longer a family had been settling on the same soil the finer they were. Jem points out that this must make the Ewell's the finest folks around.

Scout states that there is a “caste system” in Maycomb. How does she explain the system?

The old people, the present families who have lived next door to each other forever were super predictable to each other. They took for granted things such as attitudes and gestures because they had been repeated every generation of a family. So you say a certain last name and automatically the person goes, "No Crawford Minds His Own Business."

When Atticus comes into Jem’s room before bedtime to speak with the children, what information does he relay to them from Aunt Alexandra? Do you think he believes what Aunt Alexandra has made him say?

She wants him to explain to the kids that they are Finch's not "run of the mill" people. They are the outcome of years of meticulous breeding. They should live up to their name. No I don't think Atticus believes what Alexandria says because he raised them a different way, and he actually broke family tradition when he moved out of Finch's Landing.

What makes Scout cry while Atticus is talking with her and Jem?

His unfamiliar curtness; this is not how her father functions. He seemed to be another man when he went off like that.

How do the last few paragraphs indicate that Atticus was merely following Aunt Alexandra’s orders and that he feels bad about doing so?

He tells them to forget what he just said then he almost slams the door shut when he leaves like he was mad at himself or Alexandria. (I think) he tries to make a joke when he pokes his head back int he door and says something about Cousin Joshua.

Chapter 14

How is the trial affecting the children’s weekly visits to town? What are people saying?

People are whispering things about them. They say the kids can go "loose and rape up a countryside for all of 'em who run this county care." They also point out they're Finch's and that they're Atticus's children.

How does Atticus explain rape to Scout?

Rape was "carnal knowledge of a female by force and without consent."

As Scout eavesdrops on Atticus and Aunt Alexandra, she says, “I felt the starched walls of a pink cotton penitentiary closing in on me....” What does Scout mean by this comment? What literary term is demonstrated here?

She means she can feel the forced girliness brought upon her by Aunt Alexandria edging closer everyday. She's using a metaphor the starched walls of pink cotton referring to girly things.

What does Alexandra want Atticus to do to Calpurnia? What is his response?

She wants Atticus to fire Calpurnia. He says no and that Calpurnia won't leave until she wants to leave. She a member of the Finch family and he doesn't know what he would've done without her. She's been a good influence on the kids.

What does Jem tell Scout she should do when dealing with Aunt Alexandra? How does Scout react to his suggestion?

He tells her not to antagonize Alexandria. Atticus is already worried and busy without Scout having to cause trouble.

She all like, "You telling me what to do!" She gets mad at his superior authority and eventually after some back and forth bickering they get into a fight.

Scout thinks there may be a snake under her bed. What is actually under her bed?


What does Jem do that shocks Dill and Scout? How does he explain this? How does it establish his maturity?

He goes and tells Atticus that Dill is in the house.

He says that Dill better let his mother know he's okay and in Maycomb.

It shows that he an honest older child who won't keep people in his house without his father knowing.

Why has Dill run away from home? What reasons does he give?

They didn't pay any interest in Dill. He says they were gone all the time and they buy him anything he wants if he goes away and plays or uses it.

As the chapter ends, what is Scout thinking about? What question does she ask Dill, and how does he respond?

She is thinking about the Radley house. She asks Dill why Boo Radley has never run off. His response is, "Maybe he doesn't have anywhere to run off to..."