Jackie Robinson

A Perseverant Baseball Player

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Jackie Robinson

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Example 1

Jackie Robinson visualized a player stealing a base and cutting Robinson’s leg with spikes. Robinson asked himself what he would do. Would he fight back violently, or turn the other cheek peacefully? He decided he COULD and MUST turn the other cheek.

Page # 295

Example 2

Jackie Robinson was offered to play baseball with the Brooklyn Dodgers. He thought of the certain consequences that would happen with examples of taunting, racist riots, and being called many rude names. Even with all the problems to happen, Jackie still joined.

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Quote 1

“I had to do it for so many reasons. For black youth, for my mother, for Rae, for myself. I had already begun to feel I had to do it for Branch Rickey.”

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Quote 2

”If hundreds of black people wanted to come to the ballpark to watch me play and Mr. Rickey tried to discourage them, would I understand that he was doing it because the emotional enthusiasm of my people could harm the experiment? That kind of enthusiasm would be as bad as the emotional opposition of prejudiced white fans.”

Page # 295

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Robinson, Jackie. "The Noble Experiment." Comp. Alfred Duckett. The Language of Literature. Vol. 7. Evanston: McDougal Little, 2002. 288-95. Print.

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