Save the animals

People are killing ocelots and sawfish!


Throughout the world there are many animals that are endangered and it's up to us to save them. So many animals are suffering because of what we do. But right now we are focusing on ocelots and sawfish. Ocelots and sawfish are endangered of becoming extinct. They both have one thing in common. They're both being killed for their skin. People take ocelots skin and use them as coats. They also use sawfish fins and skin for soup.


When people kill sawfish they use their saws for knifes or souvenirs. Ocelots are beggining to lose their habitat because of other people cutting down trees or deforestation.


If people don't stop killing sawfish the senator will sue Obama. When people catch sawfish they usally get hurt because sawfish fight to protect themselves. Ocelots are severly endangered and there is only about 100 ocelots left.


One way to stop people from killing ocelots and sawfish is to set a law suit, so they don't become extinct. I also think that they should put ocelots and sawfish in the endangered species act. Or we can also set aside national parks or reservation

Conclusion/Call To Action

Smalltooth sawfish and ocelots are endangered in Texas areas and should be saved, so they don't become extinct. We should follow the examples of people in Florida who are starting to save smalltooth sawfish and ocelots.