Concieved By: Abby S, Ellie H, Stefan N, and Philip F

Our task was to design a planned community somewhere in present-day United States

We made the purpose of our community to house and provide for citizens of our community. The concept of our community is to have a pollution-free community dedicated to nurture and educate young children of the middle and high class

Our town is named Hadrian, after one of the five good emperors of Rome.

About our town

We are located in between the cities of Sandusky, Ohio, and Cleveland, Ohio. Our town is by one of the great lakes; Lake Erie. The population of our middle-sized town is 4,000 people. Our town is meant to house the middle and upper classes. We are also looking to have young to old families.

Why this presentation markets our community well

Our multimedia presentation will market our community well. This is because it will advertise the most popular places in the community. Some examples are restaurants, sports teams, museums, and theaters. It will focus on the schools, their curriculum, and the athletic departments. It will also advertise the police, fire departments, and the municipal building.
Houses on the South Shore of Lake Erie


Our task was to use a place in the present-day United States, and create a planned community at our chosen location. The purpose of our planned community, Hadrian, is to provide for the citizens of our community through housing and other necessities. Our community would be a wonderful place to live because of all of the amenities, including entertainment sources and many shops.

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