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Hearts Aflame For the Love of Christ

Dear Friends In Christ

We've had a busy week, and accomplished a lot together!!! So proud of our community and the commitment we have for excellence in all we do. Remember to be gentle with yourselves and each other over the next few weeks, this is new territory, and we are going to go slow.

You've heard from me many times over the past few days, so I will keep my remarks brief in nature. I did want to draw your attention to a relief package Congress is voting on for schools in regards to the COVID-19 crisis. Please take 5 minutes to click on the link below and send Congress a note to include our private schools in the relief package. This is an important message we must send to support our community, school, and one another. If you haven't "liked" us on our official Facebook page yet you can click on the Facebook icon at the bottom of this eUpdate. It's been fun to see all the new families following us on our page.

Thanks to our PTO for the fun email/gift card!!! Such a fun surprise! Our teachers were so excited, they are working so hard to make the next 7 weeks special for your kids. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For your continued prayers and flexibility, I hope to see you all at our first ever Drive By High Five Friday.

With a Grateful Heart,

Jodie Maddox

Principal, St. Joseph School

Contact Congress on COVID-19 Relief for Catholic Schools

The US Senate is currently considering a coronavirus relief package that includes aid to K-12 schools. Currently, there is language in the legislation allowing non-public schools to receive relief. However, it appears that some are attempting to remove this language.

Please use CAPE's Legislative Action Center to urge senators to make sure that private schools are not excluded from Congress' COVID-19 relief package.

P.E. ideas

Dear St. Joseph Families,

I wanted to reach out and let you know I am thinking about you and praying. Please stay safe and active! Here is a You Tube link to help you stay active and it is fun! This 25 minute workout can be done in the home and does not require a large space. I will provide more active and fun workouts/ideas for you soon. Remember to smile! St. Joseph Teacher’s got this!

Fun idea while out walking with your kids!

The American Heart Associatiom has many good ideas and information on staying healthy and active. Go to parents and click on the link to Active Kids and Family Fitness. Within each link there are many additional links to the right if the screen.

Joe Wicks, a Physical EducationTeacher, is offering 30 minute workouts at 9:00 am. every morning on you tube. His workouts will be saved so you may workout at a time that is convenient for your family. Here his first workout starting March 23, 2019.

Have Fun and Stay Safe,

Diane Monroe

Physical Education Teacher

Nurse's Notes

Click HERE for how to teach your children about COVID-19. Parents should view any information or videos before allowing their child(ren) access to assure it is at their level of understanding

Donna Lowther BSN, RN

St. Joseph School Nurse

913-631-7730 ext. 4526

Counselor's Corner

Parent Resource to Talking to Children about COVID-19

Packaged School Supplies for Next Year

You can purchase school supplies for next year starting now! All parents have to do is put the school zip in and it will give them a list of schools to choose from, and they just order from there!

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