West Rockhill Report

September 2015

Welcome Back!

Thank you for viewing the West Rockhill newsletter. Each month you will find important updates, exciting news and tips and tricks for students and parents. Please spread the word to other parents! We would like to open communication lines with all families in our school.

Principal's Message

We are off to a great start at West Rockhill Elementary School! We have so much to be thankful for: eager and cooperative students, enthusiastic and knowledgeable faculty members, and an active and supportive parent organization. We appreciated your visits to our classrooms during our Open House events. This sets the stage for an environment that is conducive for students to learn and grow.

To assist us with our goal to improve our communications from school to home, please take note of the following reminders:

Verification of Emergency Information: There are still many parents who have not yet visited the Power School Parent Portal to verify emergency contact information and to specify your permission for the school nurse to administer Tylenol. If you haven’t already done so, please take a few minutes to log-on and update this vital information.

New Procedures For Car Rider/Student Pick-Up- Reminders: To ensure the safety and welfare of everyone, we are asking you to note these updates/reminders for our new car rider/student pick-up area:

  • To eliminate distractions to classrooms at the end of the school day, we are asking that parents do not enter the school driveway and parking areas for parent pick-up until 3:15pm.
  • Please pull all the way forward to the next available spot and come to a complete stop to allow for safe loading of our students.
  • Do not attempt to pass a stopped vehicle.
  • Please stay in your vehicle in the car rider/student pick-up area.
  • Each family has been assigned a number to facilitate the loading process. This number card should be displayed on the dashboard on the passenger side. Staff members will use this number to call students from inside the building to the loading zone area.
  • The vehicles used during carpooling will have to display all of the family numbers for the students that are being picked up on that day.

  • Any changes in your child’s regular dismissal procedures must be communicated in writing at the start of the school day. All last minute/emergency changes must be communicated by 1:00pm.
  • Your support is vital to the success of our new system. Thank you for your kind encouragements and unwavering cooperation. :) !

This is West Rockhill Elementary’s 25th anniversary school year. We will be celebrating this milestone at the Mountain Lion Festival on October 3rd with trivia games and school history exhibits. Please plan to attend!

Please help our students to remember that they must show PRIDE behavior in the classroom, in the cafeteria, on the playground, and on the bus. The students received green and white bracelets as reminders of their commitment to Be Polite, to Be Responsible, to Include Others, Demonstrate Safety, and Show Empathy towards others.


Mrs. Wiley

From the Office

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Grade Level Reports


WOW! What a marvelous start to the school year we have had in Kindergarten! We have learned our three simple rules; I will follow directions, I will be kind to others, and I will come to school ready to learn! As we begin to establish our daily routines, we will work hard on learning our new friends’ names. We are looking forward to a fun year filled with lots of learning and growing!

Grade 1

First grade has had a wonderful start to our school year. We have enjoyed getting to know the different friends in our classrooms. Students have enjoyed listening to and reading many different types of books. We were so impressed with the care students took when visiting our classroom libraries. In math, first graders have been introduced to many different math tools such as our math tool kit and whiteboard slates. Students have used these tools to demonstrate their number sense. We will continue to build and practice classroom routine this month. There are many papers coming home with important information, so please do not forget to check your child’s LOOK folder each night. Thank you! ~ The First Grade Teachers

Grade 2

The second graders are doing a great job settling into the class routines. We began math Unit 1: Numbers and Routines. Some skills we will practice in this unit are number sequences, tools, coins, calendars, clocks, number grids, counting patterns, and comparisons. In reading, we will read our first two stories this month, The Twin Club and Exploring Space with an Astronaut. Be sure to check out the Family Times newsletter for further details. Our first science unit is weather. Students will explore, observe and record the weather. They will also discuss how the seasons affect our lives. Each child will also have the opportunity to enter to be the weather kid on 92.5 XTU Radio station. Be sure to listen for WRE students each morning!

Grade 3
During the month of September the third graders will be busy bees! In social studies, we are learning about the Lenape tribe. The reason we are starting the year off with this tribe is because we have our first field trip on September 25th! This trip is to Churchville Nature Center. During this adventure, the children will have the chance to see and experience how real Lenape Native Americans lived. They will learn firsthand what the Lenape made for tools, how they created their homes, what their jobs were, and much more! We started our first Reading Street story and will continue working on the first unit of Everyday Math. The children seem excited about their return to school and eager to start learning many third grade topics.

Grade 4

Fourth Grade is excited to begin a new year as we celebrate West Rockhill’s 25th birthday! All of our students are showing PRIDE behavior at school, so we are off to a great start! What a great way to begin the year than reading about exploring new people and places! Talk to you fourth grader about the adventures that our characters have as they explore and learn. Students will also have chances to write about adventures (both real and imaginary) in their narrative pieces. Math is a breeze with our chapter one geometry review, but students need to start practicing those math facts for multiplication and division. Finally, we have begun Social Studies with cause and effect and studying different types of social scientists.

Grade 5

Our fifth grade students have begun their last year in elementary school. Things sure have been busy in our area. Many fifth grade students have applied to be PRIDE Pals and are anxiously awaiting to see who our starting PRIDE Pals will be. We have begun our “Book Madness” competition as well. Students are reading books and competing to persuade the other students in fifth grade to choose for their book in various rounds of voting. We can’t wait to see which book will be the champion. No matter what book ends up winning, all students will be exposed to some great texts to consider for independent reading in the future. In math class, Mr. James is working on multiplication facts and arrays. Mr. Testa’s Social Studies class has been focused on a study of geography, and the scientific method has been the topic in Mrs. McCormick’s science class.

Mrs. Giuliana's Reading Connection

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From the Library with Mrs. Sweet

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It’s never too early to teach time management. Success in school, as in life, is affected by how one goes about getting his work done and completed on time. The beginning of the school year is a great time to set the expectation and routine of planning to use time wisely. WRE has given each student in grades 3 through 5 a planning agenda book. The students use this book to write down daily homework assignments and to keep track of upcoming due dates and tests. Since a child’s world consists of more than just homework, it can be very helpful for a child to see all of her commitments in one location. Sometimes a child may be planning to complete an intricate project on a particular evening, not realizing that she will be spending several hours at an older siblings’ basketball game where the supplies are not readily available. Or maybe the student anticipates working for several hours on Saturday afternoon, but has forgotten that Saturday is the day the family will be visiting grandparents or may be very tired having been to a sleepover the night before. Does your child have lessons or sports after school? Having a visual reminder of these “other” time commitments will help a child have a more realistic view of just how much time is available to get work done. I encourage parents to help their children fill in those activities and responsibilities that affect a child’s time management right in the agenda book. When your child develops good time management skills, he is developing successful life habits.

Home & School Connection

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Mountain Lion 4th & 5th Chorus Information

All 4th and 5th graders at West Rockhill have been invited to join the Mountain Lion Chorus. Here’s the rehearsal schedule for each week:

• 5th graders--- Day 1 at Lunch Recess

• 4th graders--- Day 4 at Lunch Recess

• EarlyBird Chorus (singers in 4th & 5th grade) on Day 4 at 8:15 a.m.

Students choose ONE rehearsal to get to each week. Sign up/Commitment forms will be sent home the week of Sept. 7th. Rehearsals start the week of Sept. 21st. Please mark your calendars for these events:
• Winter Concert: Monday Dec. 7th at 6:30 p.m.* This concert will feature West Rockhill’s Mountain Lion Chorus, 5th grade Band, and 4th & 5th Strings.

• Spring Concert: Tuesday May 10, 2016 at 6:30 p.m.*.

• *Please note the new start time for our concerts.

Helpful Hints from the Nurse

Children & Allergies:

A child who sneezes or coughs a lot, who frequently develops a rash or hives, or who gets a stomachache, cramps or nausea after eating certain foods may have allergies. Any child may develop allergies, but they are more common in children from families with a history of such reactions.

Early identification of childhood allergies will improve your child’s quality of life, reduce the number of missed school days and help you avoid having to use sick time or vacation days to care for your child.

Allergy Symptoms in Children

  • Skin rashes or hives (atopic dermatitis or eczema)
  • Difficulty breathing (asthma)
  • Sneezing, coughing, a runny nose or itchy eyes
  • Stomach upset

Common Allergy triggers in Children

  • Outdoors: tree pollen, plant pollen, insect bites or stings
  • Indoors: pet or animal hair or fur, dust mites, mold
  • Irritants: cigarette smoke, perfume, car exhaust
  • Foods: peanuts, eggs, milk and milk products

If you suspect your child has an allergy, make an appointment to see an allergist. Start a diary before the appointment and keep track of what symptoms your child experiences and what you think causes them.


The PTO is looking forward to a great year! To learn more about our events and find out how you can get involved, visit our website at www.wrepto.weebly.com

Wise Words

September's wise words are brought to you by our gym and health teacher, Mrs. Cartwright.

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