Jason McKeogh

BA Health and Wellness

A little bit about me...

Hello fellow Mentors! My name is Jason McKeogh (pronounced McQ), 29 years old, I’m an active duty Soldier stationed at Fort Campbell, and married with two wonderful daughters, Natalie and Sophie. In my free time I enjoy running, reading, playing xbox, and spending time with my daughters. I chose my degree because, in 2006 I was over 230 pounds and was in danger of being kicked out of the military. One day I decided I would fully commit to losing weight, so I started to eat more nutritious foods, running, and lifting weights. After several years I was able to get my weight down to 165! Since I understand the difficulties of losing weight and getting into shape I want to use my degree to help others struggling to lead a healthier life style.

When I started at Ashford I had a difficult time adjusting my life around online college. For several months I struggled to find a routine that both allowed me fulfill my responsibility at work, home, and school. I would like to use my experience, both as a student and as a leader in the Army, to help a new student, who might be having a difficult time and set them on a path which ends with a degree diploma hanging on their wall.