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Visualizing U.S. Births and Deaths in Real-Time

Although this interactive infographic is very simple design wise, the back end and function is very interesting. Each state is separated by county and then, based on the most recent U.S., birth and death announcements are shown based on the current rates for each. Very interesting to see how information is starting to be portrayed!

Visual Resources

How Organizations Structure Social Media Teams

A great infographic from Go-Gulf detailing the ways different organizations pick and choose their social media teams.

Why It's an Exciting Time for Search in the Enterprise

Check out this information packed infographic explaining how the enterprise is capitalizing on SEO.

The Explosion in Mobile Audiences

Highlighting a report done by Pew Research this infographic video contains a lot of useful information on the status of mobile audiences.

Informational Articles

An Updated Guide to Google Webmaster Tools

A step by step article that walks you through each tool in Google Webmaster Tools.

Ten Brands to Follow on Twitter for Inspiration

Looking to expand your Twitter following? Check out these top 10 brands and find out what they are doing to engage their audience.

7 Marketing Metrics Worth Obsessing Over

If you are looking to gross your business organically keep an eye on these metrics.

10 B2B Social Media Predictions for 2013

From the blog Social Media B2B, 10 predictions on how they think social media in the B2B sphere will perform in 2013.

How Collaboration Tools Can Improve Knowledge Work

Harvard Business Review takes a look at the internal community Nationwide Insurance has set up for their employees and how it helps get work done faster.

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