WHAT's UP?!!

#6 Its Merry Merry Holiday XD


On 18th Jan 2016, we are proud to hold our Extraordinary General Meeting II to vote for our future EB Team? We thank all candidates for their courage, bravery and passion, we thank you for being there to vote for your friends. Last but not least, CONGRATULATIONS to all the shortlisted candidates XD


After EGM, of course it is time to continue with our scheduled pre-MyLDS. Members are all ready to rock My-LDS XD


A 6 days 5 nights Malaysia Leadership Development Seminar 2016 is over!
Thank you for all the participation of delegates from 14 LC in Malaysia!

Did you have a fun time during My-LDS?

Calling for second rounf VPs application and Directors application

Second Round of Local Committee Executive Board Application for term 16/17 and Management Team Application of AIESEC in UKM.

You can find the application package here:
1. LCEB Application

2.Management Team Application

Important dates:
Application Deadline:
LCEB : 2nd February 2016 (Tuesday), 23:59 (GMT +8)
Management Team: 14th February 2016 (Sunday), 23:59 (GMT +8)

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Wanna be a part to save the world?

We are please to welcome you to be a part of the first UKM earth hour event!!!


Bryan Loh - 0172920429 OR
Yong Kheng Lee - 0108855212

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Fresh from the oven!

We have 3 EPs now in UKM! They come from Indonesia and Taiwan and currently staying in KKM. Do remember to pay them a visit whenever you're free~ They would feel happy and more than welcome you to do so!
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Do you know?...

We have a new MCP elect for term 2016/2017

Congratulations to John Lau Chun Kuang, do spy on his fb XD

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Huge Sneakpeek on TM

Good news fellow AIESECers!

Project TXP is under construction. LEAD, LC Outing and R&R are all on the way this coming semester, stay tune!

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Sneakpeeks on othe departments XD


- LCPe Transition

- LC Transition Framework

- Local Transition Camp (LTC) Planning

- AMAN Application & Progress report


- Techcycle Tech4All Jan Realization


- earth hour

- gearing up for summer peak


- preparation for 2nd round egm

- members coaching

- profit and loss statement


- 8 EPs realized...

Katie - Russia Tiffany - Romania Nidhi - China Kim - Ukraine Akhma - Indonesia Izyan - Sri Lanka Fatehah - Indonesia Gee - Romania


- matching for sols

- matching for Charsez

- matching for scoot

- EP Jani Tsui arriving soon!!!

Happy CNY!!!

Aiesec is here to wish everyone a happy Chinese new year and happy holidays!
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