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College Newsletter - Term One Week 2 - 9 February 2018


Dear Parents, Students and College Community,

The 2018 academic year is now well underway with lots of good learning and school related activities happening at the school. I am pleased to have noticed that our Year 7 students have settled well into their new environment and appear to be enjoying the start to their secondary education at Emmanuel.

The start of the academic year gives opportunity for parents to meet their relevant Head of Year and Pastoral Care teachers at the respective Parent Information Evenings. This is a great opportunity for parents to hear from key College personnel the details of the ‘year ahead.’ I encourage all parents to attend these Information Evenings. The Years 9, 11 & 12 Parent Evenings have already been held. Next week we have the Year 8 Parent Information Evening scheduled for Monday 12 February whilst the Year 10 evening is on Wednesday 14 February. The Year 7 Evening is held a little later in the term.

Michael Grose, an educator, who has written many books and articles on parenting, in reference to schools, states,

‘chances of student success is best when kids see schools as an extension of the home rather than just a learning institution. Positive parent participation demonstrates to their children that they value learning and their school. Children copy many of their parents’ views, so your positive attitude to school and learning is catching.’

It is with this view that I continually ask parents to be part of the College community and take a strong interest in your children’s education. His website is highly recommended for all parents: parentingideas.com.au

Our first P&F Meeting is to be held at 6.30pm on Monday 26 February in the College Boardroom. This is our first meeting for the year, and typically, the meetings will be held on the 4th Monday of every month. A major focus for our P&F this year is to build our community and plans are already in place to hold a P&F Community Event for early Term 2. We hope that many parents and friends will be able to attend this meeting.

I have now started the interview process for students entering our College in Year 7 in 2020. I have been overwhelmed with the number of applications already received. The process will conclude at the end of Semester One. It is essential that families have sibling applications into the College immediately.

On Saturday night, our Year 12 students celebrate their School Ball. The ball is to be held at the Grand Ballroom at the Hyatt Regency, Perth. I wish all the students well for their evening and I look forward to sharing in their celebration on Saturday night.

God Bless,

Mr Leo Di Gregorio - Principal


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The season of Lent commences next Wednesday 14 February. Lent is often viewed as a sombre Christian observance but I consider it a season of joy! Why? because it is a time of RENEWAL, REFRESHMENT and REWARD. It's also the SEASON OF THE SECOND CHANCE. Lent is a 40 day period with its focus solidly on the end goal. At the conclusion of Lent we celebrate the high point of the Christian faith - the saving death and triumphant resurrection of Our Lord.

Just as athletes train and control their diet, we fast, pray, and deny ourselves to spiritually prepare for celebrating the resurrection. In short, Lent teaches us how to prepare for life eternal. On Ash Wednesday, the Church calls its members together for the celebration of the first Lenten Mass and the blessing and distribution of ashes. We accept the ashes on our foreheads as a sign of our acceptance of the discipline of Lent. Its a wonderful feeling of solidarity to stand shoulder to shoulder supporting each other by prayer and example as we embrace the joyful season of Lent!

Fr Bryan Rosling - College Chaplain


College Calendar

  • 12 FEB - Year 8 Parent Information Evening 6.30pm
  • 13 FEB - National Apology Day
  • 13 FEB - Year 11 P & L Mock Trials Excursion
  • 13 FEB - First XI Cricket V Kent St Away Game
  • 14 FEB - Ash Wednesday Liturgy
  • 14 FEB - Year 10 Parent Information Evening 6.30pm
  • 15 FEB - Instep Day
  • 15 FEB - Indigenous Art Work-Shop
  • 16 FEB - Year 7 Welcome Mass & Sundowner

For our current College calendar go to: Calendars


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Principal’s Excellence & Academic Honour Awards

This week the College held it's first Whole School Assembly for 2018. During this assembly there were a number of students who were presented with Principal’s Excellence or Academic Honour Awards based on their Semester Two results from last year. Principals Excellence Awards are presented to students who have achieved a ‘V’ rating with every attribute with an allowance of two ‘G’ ratings on their Semester Report. Academic Honours are presented to students who have achieved an ‘A’ grade in every subject with an allowance of one B or C grade on their Semester Report. A list of recipients can be found

here and the College congratulates all students for their outstanding results and commitment during 2017.

Homework Club – Tuesday 3.15 - 4.15pm

Homework Club for 2018 will commence in Week Two and will continue to run each Tuesday between 3.15 and 4.15pm. The weekly session provides an opportunity for students to complete homework while having teachers on hand to assist wherever required. The Club is very suitable for students who fall a little behind in their work and need to catch up, as well as being good for those students who feel more comfortable having someone to ask if they need assistance. It is also a great environment for collaborative work. We look forward to seeing a number of students take advantage of this opportunity throughout the year.

New Bell Times and Bus details for 2018

The new Bell times for Emmanuel has resulted in some changes to College Bus services for 2018. These were published towards the end of last year on the College website, however links to the details are provided below:

2018 College Bell times are listed here

2018 Transperth bus services

2018 Private bus service for Emmanuel Catholic College

Mr Peter Sackett - Assistant Deputy Principal - Events & Head of GATE


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For further information for upcoming Tours and Open Day, please click the following link at Choosing A School: https://choosingaschool.thewest.com.au/february-2018/


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A reminder that the Year 8 Parent Information Evening will be held on:

Monday 12 February 2018

6:30pm - 7:30pm in the College SPACE

We strongly encourage at least one parent to attend the evening as we will be discussing issues relevant to Year 8 students at our College. Please RSVP by Friday 9 February at 4pm via this link: RSVP Year 8 Parent Information Evening

Mrs Vicki Price - Head of Year 8



A reminder that the Year 10 Parent Information Evening will be held on:

Wednesday 14 February 2018

6:30pm - 7:30pm in the College SPACE

We strongly encourage at least one parent to attend the evening as we will be discussing issues relevant to Year 10 students at our College. Please RSVP by Tuesday 13 February at 4pm via this link: RSVP Year 10 Parent Information Evening

Mr Troy Foote - Head of Year 10



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Welcome to all the Year 7 student’s families that have started the year at Emmanuel in the last few weeks. The transition week was a great success for our Year 7's. Mrs Marroccoli did an amazing job in making the children feel welcome and safe here at Emmanuel Catholic College. We would like to invite the Year 7 families to the College for a Welcome Mass and Sundowner next Friday 16 February at 5:00pm.

This is a compulsory event for Year 7 students and we invite their families to join them in celebration of the start of their High School journey. Please RSVP using the following link by Wednesday 14 February. RSVP Year 7 Welcome Mass and Sundowner I am looking forward to meeting many of you then.

Miranda Dempsey - Assistant Deputy Principal 7 & 8/Faith Formation



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Over the holidays, I was selected to attend a trip on the Leeuwin. Once we boarded the vessel in Fremantle, we were allocated our buddies which are also known as our carers for the trip and I became close friends with my buddy. After that, we were allocated our beds and my buddy “Alexia” was sleeping on the bunk above.

Over the 5 day trip, we did a variety of activities. These included a range of team challenges, climbing the ship, dancing and steering the ship. We had some important jobs to do on the ship, including night duty, cleaning the ship and manning the ropes. The food we had was amazing, and the crew were very helpful and friendly. For me I would not have had this opportunity without Kwinana Industries through the iDiversity Program, so I thank you so much for this opportunity of a lifetime which I will never forget.

Layne Dixon - Year 11 Student



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Enviro Club is an after school program open to students from years two to twelve currently attending Emmanuel, Mater Christi or Hammond Park Catholic Primary School. Students complete a number of activities through a peer to peer learning program. Students will do everything from growing their own food, weeding, mulching, planting, looking after the worms and fish, going to Bunnings, Mater Christi and the RRRC as well as having animal experiences. Students will be able to claim Christian Service hours for their work in the community and around the College.

Enviro Club will be meeting again in 2018 every second week starting on 20 February (Week 4) from 3:05pm until 4:45pm. Permission slips for Emmanuel students can be obtained from outside of S‐Block office (next door to S4). Permission slips for Primary school students can be obtained through email (kingdon.kylie@emmanuel.wa.edu.au). All permission slips will need to be returned to Mrs Kingdon by Friday of Week 3 (16 February).

Mrs Kylie Kingdon - Head of Humanities and Social Sciences


Year 9 Canberra Trip 3-8 July 2018

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Planning for our 2018 trip to Canberra for Year Nine students is well under way with our next Parent Night on Monday 12 March starting at 6pm in the library. At this meeting we will be addressing the final itinerary, flight details and having fittings for our trip jackets. A reminder letter with the final costing and payment details will be sent out in Week 3.

We still have two positions available on the trip. If there are any students who are interested in attending (either new to Emmanuel this year or situation has changed from last year) please get in contact with Mrs Kingdon via email (kingdon.kylie@emmanuel.wa.edu.au) to discuss the selection process.

Mrs Kylie Kingdon - Head of Humanities and Social Sciences



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Rostrum Voice of Youth is the Premier Public Speaking Competition for secondary students in Australia. For your chance to compete locally and nationally see Ms Gratton, Mrs Lagator or your English teacher.

Preliminary Heats: 23 March 2018

WA State Semi Final: 12 May 2018

WA State Final: 30 June 2018

National Final: 28 July 2018

Ms Donna Gratton - Head of English



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Guidelines for setting goals

Once you start setting your goals for the year, compare them to the checklist below to make sure they are SMARTIES.

SPECIFIC: Make goals as detailed and specific as possible. Don’t make broad wishy-washy goals like ‘I want to do better in Maths’, make them very detailed and specific. Exactly what do you want to achieve?

MEASURABLE: You want to be able to know when you have achieved your goal so make sure there is some way to measure your success.

ACTION-ORIENTED: Your short-term goals should really be the action steps you need to take to achieve the medium and longer-term goals.

(Another version of SMARTIES has Aspirational instead of action-oriented, i.e. your goals should inspire you and stretch and challenge you beyond your comfort level.)

RELEVANT & REALISTIC: Goals change, so if your goal is no longer relevant, you need to change it too. Although your goals should stretch you beyond your comfort zone, they need to be in some sense realistic. Create challenging goals by all means, but not totally unrealistic ones.

TIME-BASED: Your goals need to have a ‘to complete by’ date to give you something to aim for.

INTERESTING: Make your goals about things that you find interesting and worthwhile.

EMOTIONAL: Use powerful language to express the emotion behind the goals.

SUCCESS ORIENTED: Express your goals in a positive and success focused way.

Parents can learn more about study skills by going to: www.studyskillshandbook.com.au. Use the details below to log on and utilise some of the units available for students.

Username: emmanuel

Password: studyskills1

Ms Val Martin - Head of Learning Excellence


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Please note that students with any requirements or queries are to go to the Student Services counter, not front reception. Front reception is for parent queries only. Thank you for your support.

Services available:

• Student attendance

• Late arrivals or early collections

• Extended, planned or unplanned leave

• Messages for your students throughout the day

• Student ID letters

• Secure storage area for medication, e.g. Epipen’s and Diabetic supplies.

• All First Aid - Sickbay and Student room

• Updates and logging of Action Plans

• Changes to medication information for students

• Pastoral Care and information point for students

Please contact Student Services on:

Student Services direct telephone number - 9414 4051

Absentee email – absentee@emmanuel.wa.edu.au

Student Services SMS number - 0418 605 675

*Please note, Emmanuel has a surplus of student metal lockers. If you are interested in acquiring these lockers, please contact Garry Giannatti on: 0403 065 113


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Emmanuel’s Online Ordering and Cashless Canteen

Our school has a new and convenient online ordering and cashless system for our College Canteen called FlexiSchools.

This system also utilises students current Transperth SmartRider cards for payment and purchases. You will need to link your child’s SmartRider card to your Flexischools account and nominate a payment option. Please note, cut off time for online orders is now 8.45am.


• Go to www.flexischools.com.au


Enter your email

You will be emailed a link to an online form - follow the link

Choose a username and password and complete the form

Add each student and their class

Top-up the account - VISA or MasterCard preferred

Please find the menu on the following link...


Mr Roger Spong - Canteen Manager



Interviews for Year 7 2020 have now commenced. All enrolment applications for Year 7 2020 will need to be submitted by the end of Term One to be considered for an interview. We are predicting that all places will be filled by the end of Semester One. If your child is a sibling of a student already attending Emmanuel you will need to submit your application as soon as possible to avoid the risk of being placed on a waiting list. All places will be offered at the end of Semester One and applications received after this time will be placed on a waiting list. Copies of your child’s Year 4 Semester Two Report should now have been sent to enrolments@emmanuel.wa.edu.au. Interviews are granted after all the paperwork has been received.

Enrolments for Year 7 2019 are now completed and all places are full. Any applications received this year will be placed on a waiting list. Preference on the waiting list is given to Catholic families as per our Enrolment Policy. Applications can be downloaded from our website www.emmanuel.wa.edu.au For further information please contact our Registrar, Mrs Kelly Lister on 9414 4055 or enrolments@emmanuel.wa.edu.au



The College Online Payment system is now up and running.


Parents/Guardians please be advised that the Centralised BPAY Biller Service previously provided by Catholic Development Fund (CDF) has changed and the BPAY Biller Code unique to your school fee account is no longer valid. The new BPAY Biller Code is 280511 - please amend your banking records to reflect this change.


We wish to welcome new and current families to the 2018 school year. The Annual School Fee Statement was emailed to our families on 29 January which also included the direct debit and credit card forms for your convenience.

As per the College Fee policy it is a requirement to complete either form or alert the College on how your fees will be paid throughout the year. Please be mindful when completing the form that you are required to select an end date for your direct debit. If you do not complete this segment, your direct debit will continue through the Christmas break or until we are advised otherwise.

Additional fee statements will be emailed to families at the commencement of each term. Parents are asked to be vigilant with the school fee account as it is your responsibility to monitor and adjust if necessary to ensure your account is finalised by 31 October 2018.

If you hold a current valid Health Care Card please visit Reception to complete the appropriate forms by 6 April 2018.

To discuss your school fees please contact either Maria or Rachel on 9414 4050 or via accounts@emmanuel.wa.edu.au

Thank you for your continued support and co-operation.



On enrolment of your child at Emmanuel Catholic College, it is a requirement that you grant or deny permission for your child's photographs to be used in College publications and on social media (ie College website, newspaper articles, College Facebook page and Digital signs).

If you do NOT want photographs of your child published online or submitted to the print media and you are not sure if you made this clear on your enrolment from, please notify the College's Marketing Officer Ms Gabrielle LeBeck on 08 9414 4096 or email lebeck.gabrielle@emmanuel.wa.edu.au immediately.

Parents are also reminded that the College does not authorise the publishing of photographs taken at College events, in which students other than your own child are included.

Permission of the other students' parents/guardian is required.



Uniform Shop Normal Trading Hours

Tuesday 7.45am - 1.00pm & Thursday 12.00pm - 5.00pm

For fittings please call 9414 4017 to book a time.

Uniform Booking forms for both girls and boys are also found on the College website Uniform Shop page.

Your Emmanuel Uniform Shop Team


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Cockburn Creates - $100,000 up for grabs!

In a first for the City of Cockburn, we’ve allocated up to $100,000 for projects developed by the community. It's called participatory budgeting where the community comes up with project ideas, the community votes online in March/April for the best projects, and the community implements the winning projects using City funds - giving you a say in how and where some of your rates funds are spent.

You're invited to Cockburn ARC on 24 February from 1pm - 7pm. For more information Click here to RSVP for catering purposes. Any questions, email comment@cockburn.wa.gov.au


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Relationships Australia is a leading provider of relationship support services for individuals, families and communities. We aim to support all people in Australia to achieve positive and respectful relationships. We are a community-based, not-for-profit Australian organisation with no religious affiliations. Our services are for all members of the community, regardless of religious belief, age, gender, sexual orientation, lifestyle choice, cultural background or economic circumstances.

We offer services around the country that include counselling, family dispute resolution (mediation) and a range of family and community support and education programs.

For further information - Perth Programs please click here: https://relationshipswa.org.au/

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We currently have vacancies for places in Years 2- 6 for 2018 and are welcoming Kindergarten applications for 2019. Please contact the school office for more information at hpcps.admin@cewa.edu.au or book a tour via our school website www.hammondparkcps.wa.edu.au


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St Jerome’s Catholic Parish is offering Sacramental Preparation classes for Catholic children in high school (Years 7 to 10) who have not received the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Eucharist and/or Confirmation.

Parents who wish to register their children please contact Soly Fernandez at the Parish Office on Tel: 9418 1229 or Email: re_coordinator@stjeromesparish.org.


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Mater Christi Youth Group

The Catholic Church in Australia has commenced the ‘Year of Youth’ which continues in 2018. This year involves an outreach to all young people aged 12–30 y.o. to engage with the Church through parish, community, family and school. The theme is “Open New Horizons for Spreading Joy: Young People, Faith, and Vocational Discernment.” For more information or resources on Year of Youth & local events for young people go to www.cym.com.au or connect with Catholic Youth Ministry Perth on social media. Mater Christi Parish has started a youth group MY (aka Mater Youth). MY gatherings are every fortnight on Sundays of school term from 6.00 - 7:30pm at the Parish Hall. We invite young parishioners (13-18 years) to join in. We have games, music, and fun activities planned throughout the year.

Just a reminder, that our next gathering is this Sunday 11 February 2018 at the Parish Hall from 6:00 - 7:30pm. The other gatherings for the first term are: 25 February, 11 March, 25 March and 08 April. Please include these dates on your calendar and share it with friends so they can also join and participate. For this Sunday we have planned new fun games and a very short talk about Ash Wednesday. Please remember to bring a plate of food (sweet or savoury) to share and your own water bottle.


Mater Christi Parish - Yangebup

Liturgy Times

MONDAY: 9am Mass

TUESDAY: 9am Mass

WEDNESDAY: 8.05am Mass at Emmanuel Catholic College

5pm Eucharistic Hour & 6pm Mass

THURSDAY: 9am Mass

FRIDAY: 9am Mass

SATURDAY: 5pm Reconciliation & 6pm Mass

SUNDAY: 8am Mass, 10am Mass & 5pm Mass


Emmanuel Catholic College

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Phone: 9414 4000