Volcanic eruptions

Describe pyroclastic material and lava flows

A quiet eruption is made up of mafic magma, magnesium and iron. It has less trapped gases and its dark colored it contains 3 types of lava, the Pahoehoe, Aa and blocky lava and its know as a shield volcanoe. A violent eruption contains felsic magma, high viscosity and silica and feldspar. it has more trapped gases and its light colored. Its shape is a cindercone. The volcanic dust, volcanic ash, lapilli and volcaninc bombs are all types of pyroclastic material.

Three types of magma.

Pahoehoe , Aa, blocky lava

Pahoehoe lava, Volcanoes National Park

Types of pyroclastics

Volcanic bombs

Volanic bombs are know as the largest pyroclastic materials. It forms from solid rock that come out from the vent of the volcanoe and some are the size of a small house.
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The Most Dangerous Kind of Eruption

Types of Volcanoes

Shooting Ash: Video of powerful volcano eruption in Indonesia