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"The Super Solver" (Listen Locker Response)

My boyfriend cheated on me. What do I do? I want to cry and hurt myself.

If you haven't already, leave him! Try your best and not let him get to you. Hurting yourself is never a good solution. Stay calm and seek the counselor for help in coping with the breakup.

So the girl I like has a boyfriend and they're pretty serious. Help!

Try to just be friends and when they're having a hard day you can be there for her/him. However, do not come between her and her boyfriend. You want to remain her trusted friend and if its too hard then you need to step away from her for a little while.

I need new friends. The ones I am with make me fell ignored, worthless and abandoned. I can't talk to my parents because they don't like me. I am on a last resort.

Middle school is a time to find true friends. It's normal to wanna change groups sometimes, so when you talk to them (maybe start at lunch) say "hey I'm going to sit with so and so," then gradually start drifting away from that group of friends. No one should make you feel the way you are feeling. It's not healthy and it's not a true friendship. Parents at this stage in our life may be difficult to deal with but they will always love you, not hate you.

We have a friend who can be annoying and says we are mean to her, even if we are not :( She gets mad very easily and pinches or yells at us.

Try and see the good things about her. Sometimes she might get mad but try to be positive. If the pinching is constant (on a regular basis) and you have asked nicely to stop, it needs to be addressed to a trusted adult, such as our counselor.

My 15 year old friend is pregnant, she's freaking out! Do you have any advice I could give her?

One of my friends doesn't want to eat. I've been trying to make her eat, but it's not working . I want to tell the counselor but then she will hate me.

Both of these are serious problems and should be addressed IMMEDIATELY to a trusted adult such as counselor, parent, teacher, guardian, etc. Please have your friend seek help. The consequences of staying quiet could be harmful. Your friend will know, in the long run, that you love them very much.

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