By: Aleah Johnson

Physical Properties

*Atomic Mass: 207 *: Atomic Radius: 154 pm *Density: 11.34 g/cm^3 *Melting Point: 327.46 Celsius *Boling Point: 1749 Celsius * Solid at room temperature *Appearance bluish-white *Conductivity: low *Malleability: high *Hardness: low *Resistant to corrosion

Chemical Properties and Identifying Information

*Flammability: low *Reactivity: low

*Atomic structure Atomic number: 82 Mass number: 207 Protons: 82 Neutrons: 125 Electrons: 82 *Location on Periodic table: 6p^2

History and Discovery

*When: Ancient *Where: don't know *Who: unknown *Why/how: don't know


*What is it most commonly used for? Pipes *Where is it most commonly found? China, Australia, USA *What specific isotopes of your element have unique or important uses or applications? ^208 Pb *Does your element form specific compounds (or alloys) that have important uses? don't know

Fun Facts

*Lead *Pb *Came from the Latin word for waterworks, plumbum *Used in bullets in world war 2 *Used in ancient cannonballs