An Animal's Life

Does an animal's environment affect its growth and survival?

Record what you know and wonder about animals on a KWLH chart in your notebook.

How does an animal's life begin? Do animals have families? What do they need? How do they stay alive? How does an animal's life end? In what ways are all animals similar? How are animals different?

What do animals need to survive?

How does an animal's life begin?

How do animals change as they grow and develop?

How do animals' features and behaviors help it survive?

Animal Life Cycles Activity

Make a T chart with the headings "No Words"and With Words."

Click on the Animal Life Cycles article below.

Scroll down to the chart. Select an animal. Click on "No Words."

Read the diagram. Record what you learn under "No Words" on T chart.

Go back to the chart. Find the same animal. Click on "With Words."

Read the text and the diagram.

Paraphrase new information under "With Words" on your T chart.

The Life Cycle of the Northern Bobwhite Quail

What is a Bobwhite?

Research Resources

How do people affect animals?

Why do animals become endangered?

Read the poster about endangered species.

What can you do to help these animals survive?

Write your ideas in your journal.

How do animals and humans depend on each other?