KIS PD Sessions February 10, 2016

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Sessions begin around 2:20 and locations will be announced later. Read the descriptions below and use the survey at the bottom to submit your selection.

Mediating and Resolving Student Conflict

Kristen Logan and Elizabeth Vaughan will help you analyze student conflict scenarios that you have been encountering and share tips for handling them in a positive, productive way.

Using Video for Individualized Assignments

Do you ever give an individualized assignment that includes a video and wonder if your students actually watched the video? In this session Kim Richard and Amy Archer will help you look at different technology tools (including Nearpod and Edpuzzle) that allow you to embed questions, follow student progress, convert a powerpoint into a video, see how much of the video they actually watched and other useful strategies. Come with your COMPUTER, a video and questions and put them together during the session. (Videos from Youtube, KahnAcademy, LearnZillion, National Geographic, Tedtalks, Veritasium, Numberphile, Crashcourse and Vimeo import directly. Discovery Ed or any other video can be used if you download first.)

Epic Books

Caroline Fongemy and Alexandra Whitley will show you how to use Epic Books, another great resource for online engaging text for students. They will sign your students up for this great high interest program but go beyond that and see how it can support stamina, practice reading standards and improve comprehension.

Something Old, Nothing New

This session is for teachers who have further work to do in applying previously held PD sessions. Participants will submit their topic request and be given time , resources, an structure to extend their previous learning.