Music Newsletter

We are off to a great start!

The First Week

This week during music has been a very exciting one! It was wonderful to meet all of the students at Franklin Academy. Every class in FA learned the Welcome to Music song we'll sing each class. All of the classes sang enthusiastically!
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In Kindergarten

This week in kindergarten music, we read about Pete the Cat who was rocking in his school shoes. Students sung along to his theme song and colored in their own school shoes. Over the course of the quarter we'll begin to learn a lot of different musical concepts such as steady beat, rhythm, singing in tune, and how to play some of the instruments.
Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes

1st and 2nd Grade

In addition to learning the Welcome to Music Song and participating in SQUILT, 1st and 2nd grade reviewed steady beat and played a fun game called Detective! During this quarter, 1st grade will learn musical concepts such as singing in tune, notating rhythms, and using movement to illustrate musical characteristics such as dynamics and melodic contour. 2nd grade will be learning musical concepts such as musical form, simple composition, and instruments within the orchestra and around the world.


This week each class participated in SQUILT. What is SQUILT, you ask? It stands for Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time. During most music classes, students will participate in SQUILT. A piece of music will be played while students close their eyes and imagine a story that might accompany what they're hearing. Each week, the SQUILT music will be posted on my website to share at home! This week's SQUILT is the William Tell Overture Finale by Rossini.
Rossini - William Tell Overture: Finale [HD]

To keep up with what's happening

please visit my website! It will be updated periodically throughout the quarter.

Specials Supply List

As mentioned in the Specials Newsletter sent earlier this week, the Specials team teaches all the students in the school and can sometimes run out of things that we need to keep our classrooms clean and germ-free. If you would like to donate we would gladly accept the following items. Please, don't feel pressured to donate everything, just one of the items is WONDERFUL! Thank you, we are so appreciative!

  • Kindergarten - tissues to Spanish
  • 1st Grade - baby wipes or Clorox wipes to Art
  • 2nd Grade - hand sanitizer to Music

** Art will also gladly accept newspaper and any washed tupperware containers (cool whip tubs, etc) with or without lids all year long!**