Hurricane Katrina

A Beast of A Storm

The Governments Response To Hurricane Katrina

The government sent $10.4 billion dollar aid package, and sent 7,200 National Guard troops to help, then added a $51.8 billion dollars, the volunteers were rerouted to Atlanta to wait out the hurricane instead of sending them into help right away.

The Facts And The Point of View

Simple facts of the storm

category 3 at landfall

- 100-140 mph winds, more than 12 inches of rain, Tuesday, August 23 5 pm

- estimated 1,836 deaths millions left homeless

- $125 billion

- buildings mostly destroyed by floods, rains, and winds

Beware And Advice

After the tragedy of hurricane Katrina the government sent billions of dollars of repair dollars to the states that were affected. They also sent hundreds if not thousands of volunteers to the help already offered. The question is was it enough? Many say that the amount of money was plenty. The amount of volunteers, not so much. If anything, many volunteers say that the volunteers were not able to help with more than one area at a time, to get repairs done quicker.

Advice from victims is next time set up a volunteer group ahead of time. They say the government knew in advance that Katrina was headed our way. So why weren't there more volunteers sooner? The government just says, "we have enough on our hands without critics of our choice of attack against the attack."