Final draft brochure for earth

Come to earth and explore these things 1st


Its a beautiful place where you can explore tons of new places and species so come to earth and explore these places 1st if you want to have fun.

  • Its a big place so try and not get lost
  • you're gonna need a map of the earth

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Sahara desert

The desert is 3,000 miles long and there is tons of camouflaged predators so be aware and not a lot of people come here because its so hot but you can.There is dangerous predators so you would want to watch out for them because they are poisonous like the scorpion it injects you with its poison so there will be a picture at the bottom so you can watch out.

Packing list

  • tons of water
  • and a hat
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Mount St. Helen

Its height is 8,366 and its pretty cold and millions of people year-round climb Mount St. Helen so you can be one of those people so come on and enjoy the fun by climbing Mount St. Helen.

Packing list

  • A fluffy/ heavy coat
  • A hat
  • ski stakes for better climbing
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Lake Michigan

Lots of people in the summer go to Lake Michigan to swim so you could be one of those thousands/millions of people that go to Lake Michigan.

Packing list

  • Bathing suit
  • towel
  • water [drinking]
[You need water to drink because the water is salty and if you drink to much it could kill you]

Places you could visit

1.Mount Everest

2.Lake Huron

3. Antarctica [polar desert]