Clothing for Toddlers

By: Sarah and Amelia Powell


  • No scarfs or hoodies with strings (choking hazards)
  • Be cautious with Sandals because they are more exposed and easier to trip on


  • Clothing that doesn't give them rashes or irritate their skin
  • Cotton is comfortable and breathable.
  • Big enough that they can move around in without feeling constrained
  • Soft material is best!

Growth features

  • At this age the children are always growing, and growing quickly. Don't spend a lot of money on clothes that will be outgrown in a couple months.
  • Sizes of your clothing depend on how big your children are . Two yr old could still be wearing clothes for a 1 yr old if they are shorter or smaller than average. Same for bigger children.
  • European clothing based on how tall (cm) they are.
  • If buying clothing online make sure you check the measurments because sizes may vary.


  • Only allow them to wear as many layers of clothing as you (the parent) are wearing

Self dressing

  • Buy bottoms with elastic waists rather than button or zipper flies (perfect clothes for potty training as well)
  • Tops with neck holes wide enough for your child’s head to slip through easily
  • shirts with buttons and snaps that are big enough for them to do themselves
  • They will most likely to be able to pull their shoes off, so make sure that their shoes are not to difficult to pull off or the child will become frustrated.

Quality construction

  • Make sure the clothing isn't cheaply made so that they last as long as you need them to.
  • No tags because they could poke them or low quality materials because they could irritate the skin