Easy Bib School Edition

Why should students upgrade?

We now have a subscription to the EasyBib School edition for one year. If it turns out to be something useful, we can continue the subscription in the future. Your students need to upgrade to have access. Below are printable, step by step in the following Google Doc. (You do need to be signed in to the Adams 12 Google to view the document.)

If you are planning on having students use EasyBib soon to cite sources for a project, feel free to print the instructions off or display them using your projector. I'd be more than happy to walk your students through this as well, either in your classroom or in the library.

Some of the benefits of the school edition are:

  • options beyond MLA (including APA)
  • students can create folders and invite other students to contribute as well (great for group projects)
  • MRHS homepage with links to databases, the library catalog, Creative Commons search, turnitin.com, and more (see below)
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Even more benefits...

Notebook Tutorial, General Overview - EasyBib.com

Want more information?

If you haven't used EasyBib, you can learn more at http://easybibpd.getcourse.com/. I went through just Course One to see the new features. If you're new to using EasyBib, I would highly recommend it.

Content Overview

The program consists of three self-paced courses. It only about an hour for all three courses.

  • Course One: Video tutorials and practice exercises on all of EasyBib’s major features.
  • Course Two: Reviews the best practices for using EasyBib in the classroom. Shares real-life examples of it being used to teach 21st century information literacy skills and practice Common Core ELA Reading and Writing Skills.
  • Course Three: All about communicating the value of EasyBib and promoting its usage to colleagues and students.

Want more help? User Guides and more tutorials can be found here

And, if you do want to use this with your class, that's part of what I love to do. Let me know, and I'll be there to help and co-teach right alongside you!

Photo Credit: Macbook Pro by Warren R.M. Stuart Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License