Shalimar Safe

Muhammad Zafar

There two types of people in this world, Losers & Winners.

Manoher known as Charlie whose been yearning for revenge from Grover for 8 years. Because of his father was labeled as a thief because Grover conned him to stealing the Shalimar diamonds priced at 50 million. Charlie has to come with his time. Jag who has hearing difficulties. Tammy whose a over weight jogger. Rohan is a young hacker who will hack the Shalimar computerized system. Nandu is similar looking who looks like Grover's son who can enter the Shalimar. They participated in the dance in order to win and go to Dubai where the "World Dance Championship" is being held. Grover is a judge there who chooses team. They are called the team "Team Diamonds" who manages to qualify the team by black mailing the jags with the judges homosexual relationship. Charlie helped his day making the Shalimar Safe and remembered that room 9c is a ac duct that's connected to the Shalimar Safe. The team needs a girl dancer who can teach them how to dance, they tried classes but Nandu knew a dancer name Mohini. Mohini was a great dancer who wants to teach children how to dance, and doesn't know English. At Dubai The Palm Tree they arrive people greet them with fruits, pies and water bottles on thrown on them. Mohini doesn't know why they are participating in the WDC but he tells them. Charlie reveals that his dad Manoher suicide in the jail by slitting his wrists with a razor, they all are shocked they didn't even know. But Mohini then understands their problem. Grover considers Team India as a team of losers. Couple of days they heard that the diamonds are coming to Shalimar safe they have everything set up. Mohini tells Grover son that she wants him in his room be lying and giving him shot which he was put to sleep and steal his finger print. All stops at when the Shalimar has another glass safe in it. Tammy realizes that that safe was made by Manoher whose Charlie's dad. Charlie manages to crack the password after his name and they did it, they are amazed. Chandu under ground switches the pipes, Only a person can be inside the Shalimar for 5 minutes, then it closes, the laser shield changes everyday. After stealing the diamonds they planned to meet at the boat. Mohini fights their people are waiting for our performance and here you guys care about the diamonds. Grover is horrified about the diamonds when he finds a nail when deactivating the Laser shield, and asks what room this leads to. Room 9c when they open the ac duct entrance, which Rohan glued with a wall of brick. Team India is missing he claims that they left with the diamonds. Grover says where are they, while they come one by one to perform. And Grove and son is horrified and arrested and dragged out the jail while Charlie meets him giving him a Razor blade, Grover asks who are you, and he said "Manoher's Son" you will recognize me, all that time you have in jail it will come to your mind. Team India reaches the airport when Charlie camouflaged the diamonds as ice cubes in his drink, But the security guard disposes it. They all are sad and Charlie reveals that the diamonds are on the world dance championship trophy and they are blushed of how he did that. End Mohini wish becomes true by opening a school teaching children how to dance, and Charlie purposes Mohini with a ring made up of diamonds.