RC Mac Community News

April 16-19

Hello Students and Parents

Congratulations on trying school at home for the second official week in a row! We are so impressed with your enthusiasm for trying new things. I am having lots of fun reading your online posts, videos and assignments.

This issue of the RC Mac Community News is for the Kids- see the articles and videos below and stay safe!

Mrs. Roberts

Health and Wellness

Health Tips

Increase your water intake!

Your goal is to drink 6-8 cups(8 ounces each) of water each day.

Make it more fun but creating infused water drinks for your family

Try water infused with lemons, limes, berries, grapefruit, cucumbers, mint leaves or other natural flavors. Do a vote and see what water is a family favourite.

Mindful Standing

Choose a room in your house and stand in one spot and be still. From that spot, I want you to not talk to anyone, and look around the room and take notice or observe the following things:

  • 5 things that are blue
  • 4 things that are green
  • 3 things that are red
  • 2 things that are brown
  • 1 thing that is purple

Take notice of how your body, mind and breathing might feel when you are done. Share your connection with your family member

JUMP ROPE Endurance Rhymes

• I can jump. I can hop. How many jumps before I stop? 1, 2, 3, 4...

• Up, and up. Down, and down. Jump and make the world go ‘round! 1, 2, 3, 4...

• Pick a fruit. Pick a veggie. How many picked before I’m ready? 1, 2, 3, 4...

• ABCs and vegetable goop. What letters land in the vegetable soup? A, B, C, D...

PE With Joe | Wednesday 15th April

Earth Day - Did you know?

Ms. Columbo says "Hello Friends! Please take care of the Earth each and everyday Eco-Friends."

Each and every day is Earth day when you love the planet as much as Ms. Columbo. She has has been following the news in Italy. See video below.

Coronavirus upside? Fish and dolphins seen in Venice canals during coronavirus lockdown