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Honoring and Caring for our Nation's Veterans

We are eternally grateful to America's veterans for their bravery and sacrifice. Thank you to all those who have served, especially those near and dear to our hearts in the ACA CCP community!

Did you know: Of the 9 million patients served annually in the department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities, more than half experience chronic pain. 25% of Veterans consistently report low back pain (LBP). Veterans are 2x more likely than non-veterans to die from accidental overdoses of highly addictive painkillers.

Solution: Make chiropractic part of the integrated care that Veterans receive for LBP. The VA now provides chiropractic care at approximately 70 major VA treatment facilities within the U.S. There is currently an effort to require the VA to provide chiropractic care to all its medical treatment centers by the end of 2020. READ MORE

Congratulations to the 2020 Pediatric Chiropractic of the Year!

Please join us in honoring this year’s Pediatric Chiropractor of the Year award recipient, Dr. Muriel Perillat

“This year’s Pediatric Chiropractor of the Year award recipient is a 1979 graduate of Cleveland College of Chiropractic (now known as Cleveland University), in Kansas City, Missouri. After completing her doctorate in chiropractic, she returned to her native country of France to open a family chiropractic practice in Paris. She eventually returned to Cleveland University to teach and oversee the university’s clinics, while maintaining a pediatric practice in Kansas City, Missouri. In 2006, she arrived at Logan University and served in a capacity that transformed the University’s student clinic operations. 3 years ago, she returned to clinical practice by launching the Pediatric Clinic at Logan’s Montgomery Health Center, where she cared for patients and inspired student interns with the joys of pediatric practice. In her time as the head of the Pediatric Clinic she touched the lives of at least 50 student interns, many of whom are now pursuing pediatric chiropractic care in their careers. After 41 years in service to patients and the profession, she retired earlier this year, leaving behind a lasting impression on hundreds of patients and students. To quote her nominator, “Her vision for pediatric care and the training of students has left an indelible mark on the Logan campus.”

📸Logan University Facebook Page

Virtual Education REVIEW: Caring for the Pediatric Athlete

The inaugural online education event from ACA CCP wrapped up October 29. Wow, what an event! Attendees had the chance to interact and LEARN with leaders in our field for 14 hours over the course of the event. Expanding our education and ability to care for pediatric athletes was a fantastic close to Chiropractic Health Month.

How are you using pediatrics chiropractic knowledge in your practice, student clinics, or in the classroom? Please share your chiro moments on social media & tag @acapediatricscouncil to help advance awareness of what we do and who we serve. We love seeing pics of education put into practice!

As always, we want to hear from you. Please participate in the new MEMBER MINUTE program, details below.

ACA Pediatrics Study - Dr. Katie Pohlman

Introducing the COURSE study

Do you feel frustrated that chiropractic care isn't one of the first options for pediatric spinal care?

Together, we can address this and become a more integral part of pediatric health care teams.

Monetary support is needed to advance pediatric research, and we are excited to announce a crowdsourcing effort to fill this need. With your support, high quality, comprehensive data, will be collected over a long period of time. This data will be used to expand the knowledge of how musculoskeletal conditions evolves over the COURSE of a child's life.

  • Who can donate: community members, chiropractors, students, anyone. So please share!
  • Click here to get started, you DO NOT have to be an ACA member to donate but you will be prompted to create a quick account to use the link.
  • Donate today- any amount makes a difference! Small donations add up to big results!
  • The American Chiropractic Foundation Pediatric Council Research Fund is a tax-exempt charitable fund, designed to support pediatric research in the field of chiropractic.

The ACA Peds Council Research Committee has partnered with the leading researchers in the field to provide opportunities for our members to actively contribute to advancing pediatric literature. Email the ACA CCP Research Director, Dr. Jessie Young, to be a mentor, find a mentor, or get more information.

ACA Member Minute With Dr. Shaw

The ACA Pediatrics Council is here for YOU!

Member Minute

As part of this community, we want to connect with you, learn more about who you are, and know who we can refer patients to. We are looking for members of the ACA Pediatrics Council to feature on our website and social media pages.

Would you like to be featured as our member of the month? Member Minute consists of a one minute video of you answering your favorite questions below an introducing yourself. Please take a few minutes to answer these questions, and email your responses with a video to us.

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  • What 3 words would you use to describe the ACA pediatrics council?
  • How has being involved with the ACA helped your career?
  • What is your favorite pediatric chiropractic memory or case?
  • What advice do you have for doctors considering joining the ACA pediatrics council?
  • Share one thing you do for fun.

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