Infant Feeding S'More

Child Health, Safety, and Nutrition ~ Chapter 15

Detailed Directions for this lesson:

1. Visit the It's Only Natural website, explore the information you find there, and be sure to watch the Benefits of Breastfeeding video. It is a little over 2 minutes long but summarizes the benefits very clearly.

2. Read the Taste Article, below, and write down at least 6 important things that you would like to share with the class about what you read. Be prepared to discuss this at the beginning of class this week.

3. Create your notes for the Infant Feeding Handout Activity that you will bring to class next Tuesday, April 10.

Infant Feeding Practical Application Activity

The Situation: The director of the child care center where you work as asked your team to create an instructional handout to teach new employees at your infant care facility about infant feeding (birth to age 1). You are to include the social aspects of feeding in addition to nutrition, safety, and infant handling factors. Please include the benefits of breastfeeding and ways to child care workers can support breastfeeding mothers.

Your Task: Using your textbook and other information you may access, create a list of information that you believe should be included in this informational handout and bring it with you to class this week, Tuesday, April 10. Your team will collaborate to create this instructional handout. You will be expected to turn in the list you created for points along with the handout that your team creates. Your list may be neatly handwritten or typed but should represent a thorough understanding of the important aspects of infant feeding.