iOS Apps for Classroom Use

Classroom Management

Behavior World Reward Chart System

Behavior World is a free app that creates customizable, positive reinforcement reward charts. According to the developers, this app allows children to "become active participants in improving their behavior" because they get to choose their own chart theme and 'buddy', making the charts more motivating. In the app you can set specific behaviour goals, rewards for collecting behavior tokens, and the number of tokens required for a reward.

The app also gives the option of sharing certificate of achievements with parents once a child reaches a specific goal.

Use in the classroom?

Behavior World can be a great addition to an elementary classroom, especially in lower elementary. It would help with classroom management, as children can work towards small rewards such as treats, extra computer time, being teachers assistant, etc. using the chart. It keeps children engaged and invested in their own behavior so it motivates every child to behave in the class. This keeps your students under control and


The Edmodo App is a great addition to use in the classroom if you have already incorporated the website into your class. The free app gives you all the same access as the website does, with easy access to discussion boards, assignments, and students among other features.

Use in the Classroom?

This app would be a great addition to any aged classroom that already uses Edmodo. If the class had a Bring Your Own Device or one-to-one programs with iPads this would be a fantastic app. Students can access the class material at any time and the teacher would not need to organize computer lab time in order for the class to be able to use it.

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Silent Light - Classroom Timer and Decibel Meter

Silent Light is another great app to assist with classroom management and only costs $3.99. This app gives the class feedback on their noise level via a stoplight, and tracks how long the students have been quiet for. There is an option to award points for every minute the class is quiet. Another great feature of this app is the ability to set a goal for the class. The goal stays on the board, beside the stoplight, to remind students what their task is supposed to be.

Use in the classroom?

This app would be a wonderful addition to elementary classrooms, especially those where students are learning how to quietly work independently. Teachers can assign work and set up the app on screen, reminding students what their task is supposed to be and how loud they are being. The teacher can then give a small reward for achieving a certain amount of points.

Class Dojo

This free app is an amazing way to connect teachers, students, and teachers. ClassDojo allows students to customize their accounts, and teachers can give real time positive reinforcement. The app allows teachers to create groups and give group reinforcement as well as individual reinforcement, creating cohesive table groups.

This app also allows parents to keep track of their child's progress in real time and allows more communication between parents and teachers. Using the app teachers can send out group messages containing things such as announcements, homework reminders, or permission slips. There is also a personal messaging option, allowing parents to privately communicate with the teacher about their kids without the need to give out personal phone numbers.

The other great feature of this app is that it is available across many platforms, giving virtually anyone ease of access.

Use in Classrooms?

This app could be used to help students keep track of their work and receive instant and regular feedback from their teacher. It is a useful app to use in the classroom for many reasons listed above.