Maximize Dot Dollars - Day 5

It's GO time...fill your calendar with Dot dollar orders!!

Who has gotten at least Dot Dollar Order??? If SO you may have a show in the works!!

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Let's turn your dot dollar orders into DEBUT SHOWS!! Let's Work it Girl!!!

Copy these WORDS TO SAY and send to each redeemer via email, text or fb for ALL dot dollar orders.

Hey there! Thank you so much for your Dot Dollars order - I love seeing you scoop up some style for a steal! If you love our line now, let me tell you - you are going to drool over what's coming in January with our Spring collection! Just thinking - I'd love to bring it all over to you and your friends so you can check it out in person. Then they shop and you get tons for free! What do you think? January is the perfect time to do it - everyone has an empty calendar and is more than ready for some girl time! Could 1/XX or 1/XX work for you?