Hitler Youth

By: Jacob Almendarez and Noah Roberts

Explain why Hitler had Hitler Youth

It was the Germans believe that kids were the future for Germany.

Also Hitler thought kids were the new German army.

List the type of kids that were in Hitler Youth

There were BDM-girls, flank crew(boys), crew man(boys), and KLU camps.

Boys at 10 joined the Deutsches Junguolvk until they turned 13 they were transferred to Hitler Jugend until 18, they were a official Nazi.

Identify the things that they did in the camps

The girls hospitalized men and they helped kindergartners.

Boys learned how to use weapons. Such as grenades, pistols, sub machine guns,

and bolt action assault riffles.

Hitler Youth facts

*A boy could rise from a simple Pimpf to lead a squad, Platoon, company, battalion, or even a regiment. A girl could rise from a ma dell to BDM leader.

Herbert Norkus was a favorite kid in Hitler Youth and got stabbed six times and died.

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