Weekly Newsletter

Halloween Fun with the Fours!!!

J and Halloween Week!

Can't believe Halloween has already happened! This year is flying by. Our friends worked really hard on writing our J's and the number 5. We made some wiggly jellyfish and also some Jack O' Lanterns for the letter J. The kids really enjoyed wearing their costumes to school and illustrating their picture of Halloween. Thank you parents for donating for our Halloween Party and the parade. We had so much fun trick or treating in the school! Hope everyone is safe trick or treating tonight!

K Week!

Phonemic Awareness & Phonics

  • letter K sound
  • Ordering letters in the alphabet
  • High frequency word the
  • Read Setting the Table
  • work on rhyming words


  • writing number 6
  • recognizing numbers and matching with quantities
  • describing objects with matching attributes
  • grouping objects by color, size, and shape


  • King K
  • fall Kite

Quite Boxes

The quiet boxes have worked very well during nap time, but the children can get bored with them after a while. So we were thinking of making the boxes interchangeable between kids. This way if some children want to switch they can (it will totally be up to the child) and also have new items to work with. To be able to do this, your child's quite box will have to have items in it that they do not mind sharing with other kids in the class. We think this will give the children more activities/learning during nap time and help keep them engaged.


  • With the weather getting colder, please remember to bring extra warm clothes for your child to keep at school.
  • Christmas program is Monday December 9th at 6:30. A party will happen after every class has performed.