Brant F.


A theme of my life is "To accomplish your goals, you must have the strength to never give up." because I used to be a bad skater, but now I am good at it and I play hockey.



My mom helped me become a better a skater by skating with me. My mom also helped me by encouraging me to keep skating and try my hardest.


My dad taught me how to play hockey. He supported me playing hockey by cheering at my games and encouraging.


My coaches taught me how to skate better, play hockey, and win.

My Plot


Skate West

I learned to roller skate at Skate West. This is also where I was on a roller hockey team.

Metro Ice Arena

This is where I play ice hockey. It is also where i learned to play ice hockey and skate on ice skates.


I first started playing hockey in 2009. I wasn't very good at skating at the time, I didn't know how to stop correctly at the time. I practiced skating during open skate at skate west. I had roller hockey games every thursday, we had practice for thirty minutes before the game started. I only played roller hockey for a year, after that I went to ice hockey.

When I started using ice skates for the first time I realized that I liked it a lot better than roller skating. To me ice skating was a lot easier than roller skating. Before I could start playing ice hockey In the house league I had to practice with the other kids that wanted to start playing hockey for about weeks. After that I was placed on my first ice hockey team, the Bruins. The year I was on the Bruins was the most chaotic season of hockey I have ever played. We didn't have a permanent goalie so we had to take turns. We only won three games the entire season.

The next years of hockey were much better than the first year of ice hockey. I got much better at the game. I am currently on the Bantam Blackhawks team. The season just started and we have only played two games so far.

Turning Point

The turning point was when I first joined a hockey team. It is the turning point because I had to learn how to skate to be on it and I worked hard to learn how to skate.