Kindergarten Classroom Guidance


Handling Waiting

Learning Target: Students can demonstrate the Calming Down Steps while waiting.

Why This Lesson Matters: The ability to wait is an important part of emiton management. In research on waiting skills, or "delay of gratification," students with good waiting skills tended to get higher scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) in high school and showed more social emotional competence in adolescence and adulthood.

Activity: We started out lesson by listening to the "Calming Down" song. Next, we listened to Puppy and Snail tell us the story of how Puppy was waiting in line behind Snail for snack and Puppy was begin very impatient. Snail showed him how to belly breathe to wait patiently. Another story we discussed was about a girl names Lucy who was REALLY excited about going out for recess-so excited that she was spinning and bumping into people while waiting in line. We noted that it wasn't safe or respectful to spin in line and discussed how she could belly breathe, use positive self talk ("calm down, wait patiently") or count (things on the wall, sing a song, etc) quietly while she waits. We finished the lesson by playing a song and walking in a circle while it was on. When the song stopped, the students were to freeze and use a calming down strategy to help them wait patiently. The kids did GREAT at this!!!

Application: The next time your family is waiting at a stop light, in line at the grocery, or other places be sure to remind them (and practice with them!) how to use these strategies.

ASCA (American School Counseling Association) Standard: PS:B1.5 Develop effective coping skills when dealing with problems.