Juvenile Delinquents Turn Heros

By Anayelly Juarez & Luis Morales

Murder of Bob Sheldon

Main suspects to a killing

5 days ago there was a reporting murder of a Bob Sheldon in which, Johnny Cade or his street name (Johnnycakes) is the main suspect for the killing and Ponyboy Curtis is his accomplish. When the cops arrived to the scene they had found that both young adults had fled. Later that morning cops got hold of close family and friends and friend Dallas gave them up and said they fled to Texas.
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Delinquents turn Heroes

Just a few hours go Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dallas came in rushed to the hospital in ambulances from being in a fire. Ponyboy was just fine just with a minor burning and a bruise in his back. Dallas has a 3rd degree burn. Lastly, Johnny was in critical condition a piece of wood from the church fell on him and was really badly burned. They were burned in a fire that started in the church is believed was by where they fled. It is said that all three boys went into the burning church to save children that had been missing for a half an hour from the incident. They are heroes that have been disguised.