By Darby Burns

Teaser/ Review

After escaping from yet another Hunger Games Katniss is now torn about her identity. Is she the humble hunter from district 12? Or the national hero of Panem "the girl on fire"? What about district 13's mouth piece for revolution? The third and final entry in the Hunger Games trilogy is chocked full of internal conflict as well as external drama. President Snow has captured Peeta and other allies and has brainwashed them into thinking district 13 as well as Katniss are evil. Katniss is torn throughout the book about who she truly loves, her district 12 sweet heart gale, or her now close companion and war buddy Peeta. As the book progresses Peeta is rescued but remains brainwashed and tries to kill Katniss. Peetas condition improves slightly over time. Emotionally this is devastating to Katniss however she receives no comfort from her love interest Gale. Gale and Katniss sort of drift apart as Gale becomes increasingly close to the leader of district 13, President Coin. War between Panem and 13 rages on and eventually Katniss decides to lead a mission to assassinate President Snow. Many people die including close friends and even Katniss's sister Prim but eventually they are successful in capturing Snow. Of coarse Katniss gets the honorary role of killing the evil dictator but shes overcome by questions... She realizes that President Coin has done bad things and may have caused the death of innocent childeren. She also knows how much Snow has done to her and the people of Panem. Seconds feel like hours while shes standing on stage being watched by of millions of people. She pulls the arrow to her cheek and has a clear view of Snow and Coin... The arrow flys and connects with its target. Who is dead? What happens now? read the book to find out!

Main Characters

Katniss- Hunger Games hero and figure head of the rebellion

President Snow- Dictator of Panem, he is extremely cruel and evil

President Coin- leader of district 13

Peeta- katniss's husband and Hunger games hero

Gale- one of katniss's love interests and childhood friend