youStyle Sports Design

We're Aubry, Sicily, and Caleb

All about our product.

Our product is personalized sport bags painted with a design created by our customer applied with high quality paint. Our bags are of high quality but at a price the customer can afford. Each bag is sold at a low price of only $16.49 We have excellent customer service. Our focus is our customers and their wants.

Is it a good or service, and need or want?

Our business is giving out a good. Our good is a want. People don't need our product to survive. Our product is not a scarce product. We have a large supply of our product available and ready to be shipped.


Supply is the amount of product ready for the consumers to buy. Our supplies are advertisement is a capital resource. A person designs the advertisement like for example a our advertisement is a website. This is how an advertisement can be considered a capital resource. The website is used to sell another product such as our bags.

Employees are human resource because the person makes the bag and paints the bags that our company is selling.

A secretary is a human resource because the person takes the orders that are placed for the produce.

Shape Stencils are capital resources because these are used to make the design created by the customer on the bag that they have ordered.

Bags are capital resources because they are used to put a design or logo on for the customer based on the order they placed.

Brushes are capital resources because they are used to paint on the logo/design on to the bag based on the order the customer placed.

Fabric paint is a capital resources because these paints are used to paint on the design on the bags which have been purchased.

A shipper is a human resource because they drive the truck to deliver the bags which have been purchased.

Boxes are a capital resource, we need boxes to ship our product.


We provide our customers with a product they design based around their favorite sport, we know our customers seek to create products that support their favorite sport. The item will be a personal creation. With our product, the customers can create logos or designs around their favorite sport and then we both get credit for the creation.

Opportunity Cost

Our opportunity cost is t shirts. We have decided to use bags versus t shirts because bags are used not only at different sporting events but just for daily use. This allows the person to advertise their creation on a daily basis. Also the bag can be used to carry other items, whereas the t shirt can only be worn.


Our business is being run out of our home at this time. With the increase in demand for our supply we can eventually move our business into Zona Rosa. Our future plan for our business is to lease a building in Zona Rosa

so that our customers can walk in to have a face to face meeting. The expansion of our business all depends on the demand for our product.


To start our business we need $12,550. We will charge our customers $9.99 for each bag and $6.50 shipping and handling. We will pay back the money we were loaned plus additional money to cover the interest that built up over that time period. Based on our calculations, we should be able to pay the loan plus interest off in a years time. The total amount to be paid back will be $12,700.

Not a real buisness