Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC)

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FDR's Plans for Employment

Part of President Roosevelt's plan to put American citizens back to work includes the Civilian Conservation Corp, which puts our young men, aged 18-25, in nature, preserving our resources while maintaining steady employment.

About the CCC

Headed by Robert Fencher, the Civilian Conservation Corp employed as many as 300,000 young, unmarried men from ages 18-25 at any given time. These young men recieved shelter, clothing, and food every day, making $30 each month ($25 of which was sent home to their families).

Products of the CCC

Within 9 years:
  • 3 billion trees were planted to help reforest America.
  • 800 parks were reconstructed nation wide.
  • Forest Fire fighting methods were updated.
  • Networks of Service Buildings and Public Roadways were built in remote areas.
The first Civilian Conservation Corp camp was located in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.