Iditarod Mushers

By: Travis Kenny and Leah Plesniak

Who are the mushers

Most mushers that compete in the race are between the ages 14 -17. Mushers make sure they dont sweat or get wet to prevent getting cold. Mushers have to take care of 10 dogs during the race.

Where the mushers race

The mushers race through Alaska. They face cold hard conditions like icey moutains and blizzards.

When the iditarod starts

Every year the iditarod starts on febuary 30th at 10:40 pm. Theh race originated in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Why the mushers complete the race

If a musher get's first place they win a new truck and $69,000, People also compete to travel around the world and for the saticfaction of completion.

How they prepare for the race

Most racers train constantly.They eat foods like trailmix to keep them warm, and wear beaver or seal skin hats to keep their heads warm.