Life Skills

Community and Fire Safety

This quarter we will be focusing on safety in life skills. Our first unit was on Community Safety. In this unit the focus was on crossing the street safely and parking lot safety. They also focused on the Relationship circles. This circle helps them to identify who falls into what circle and what the parameters of the relationship should be. The students learn what behavior is acceptable from the different circles of friends.

All though we have finished the first part of the unit, these are skills that we will continue to practice periodically. However, it is very important that the students are provided the opportunity to continue to strengthen these skills. When out in the community give your child the opportunity to use his/hers skills that have been previously taught.

Some activities that would allow them to practice the skills includes asking your child what do they need to do to cross the street and in the parking lot. It is essential that your child continues to practice this skill in order to continue progressing.

We are currently working on fire safety and identifying emergencies. It is very important that students know where they live, phone number of a parent or guardian, and where to go incase of emergency.

It is important that the students continue to practice the skills in order to strenghten their skills. the use of these skills are life long skills and maybe skills that they may need to call upon in the future.


I am attaching links to the videos that we watched in class and used as discussion boards. They students enjoyed watching them and they can continued to be used to refresh and reinforce their skills.