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Things to Avoid For Great Hair

If you need to have great hair, you're going to have to take care of it well. Part of this involves avoiding the things that will damage nice hair. Hair care is considered by many to be an art and to some to be a science. However , there are things you can do to educate yourself to care for your hair at home like a pro would do. Some of the best hair care advice you can ever get is in regards to what not to do.


Here are some things to avoid for great hair:

· Avoid over the counter locks care products and unprofessional products. You get what you pay for and cheap products usually mean promises that don't succeed.

· Avoid sun damage in the summer by overexposing the hair. Protect it with a hat and scarf when you're outside for long periods of time.

· Protect your hair from salt water and chlorine damage that will comes from swimming. Always rinse your hair right after swimming or wear a swim cap if you spend a long time in the pool.

· Never try to cut your own bangs. It's best to leave all cutting and trimming for a professional.

· Avoid clarifying products more than once a week because they can strip your hair of natural oils and wetness.

· Never visit a hair salon that you are not familiar with until you have first done some research and background reading. Some mistakes will take many months or even years to grow out.

· Avoid hair color in a container.

· Don't be afraid to try new things or get stuck in an outdated look. It can be refreshing to remain adventurous.

· Never brush your hair while it's wet. Use a wide-toothed, nonmetal comb to detangle drenched hair.

· Don't use sun-lightening products or lemon juice to try to lighten your hair with the sun. You can dry the hair and cause it to break and you will end up needing to wear a short style when all of your locks destroy off.

· Never use a clothes iron to straighten your hair. We have professional tools you can buy over the counter for this purpose now and they are much easier on the hair.

· Brush out your matted hair to scalp and take away dirt and debris.

· Don't over-wash your hair as this will dry out the hair and the scalp. When a day is fine for most people and once every other day if you have excessively dry hair.

Now that you know these things to avoid with regard to great hair, this will help you get the best hair care possible. You need to be aware of your hair type and do the most effective that you can do to take care of it properly so that your hair continues to look it's best for as long as possible.

Desnarling Without Snarling - A Pain-Free Way to Detangle Hair

Truly go out in the wind and end up with a mass of tangles where your hair used to be? Have a rough night and get up with a bird's nest on top of your head? Getting rid of the tangles at that point can be miserable and can damage your hair, nevertheless by following a few steps you can minimize the split ends and the headaches.

Some people will tell you that the hair is the most vulnerable when it's wet. Actually, wet hair stretches more than dry hair does, so that with gentle detangling, you can go easier on your hair by working on it while it's wet, which is the reason the following steps are for detangling in the shower.

Shampoo your hair as you normally would, but be careful not to move on knots while you work the shampoo in.

Condition your hair, and before washing it out, clean it through your hair with a wide-tooth comb. start and the ends and gently work up to the top. When some spots are more difficult than others, apply more conditioner and let it sit for a minute. That will allow your hair to slip out of the tangles more easily.

Rinse the conditioner out of your hair, gently combing the locks with your fingers as you do.

Pat your hair and wrap it in a towel, but don't rub the idea too much - that can cause new tangles and won't be helpful.

Comb through the hair again, starting in the bottoom. If there are still knots, work them out carefully, using a single tooth of the comb when necessary

If you happen to must blow-dry your hair, do so on a low setting while preventing the hair from tangling while combing from the bottom.
In the end, you should end up with smooth, tangle-free hair.
How to detangle matted hair with take down remover -

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