A Christmas Carol

A Great Book to Read during the Season of Christmas!

A Christmas Carol Paragraph

The book, A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, was an interesting story where a grumpy man named Scrooge has to deal with his past, present, and future. In the beginning, Scrooge was a mean man who hated the season of Christmas. He did not like giving what he earned. All he cared about was making money and keeping his money for himself. In another instance, some change began in Scrooge when each ghost made a visit to him. They showed him his past, present, and future Christmases if he stayed the same man he is. With each visit, Scrooge began to realize the significance of his actions. I didn't like Scrooge at the beginning because he was selfish and greedy but as he changed I started to like him. Lastly, there was great description to get the feel of the place and the era in time. It lets you imagine you are right there with Scrooge, as you see him change. It gives amazing descriptions of each ghost and the meanings each one is trying to convey. In conclusion, you should read this book if you love Christmas spirit and if you are looking for a phenomenal tale of a man who becomes a better person with the help of ghosts.

Sacrifices Made

In the book, A Christmas Carol, Scrooge must sacrifice his selfish and greedy ways to become a more caring person. He began to change throughout the book but at the end he gave away his money. That was a sacrifice for him because he was greedy. Unlike Scrooge I have not made a sacrifice or the sacrifice wasn't important so I forgot about it.