Hardware and software


Hardware is the pieces of computer that you can physically touch and hold for example the hard drive is a piece of hardware. Other examples of hardware are DVD, Wiring, Monitor and the on button. Hardware is separated into three groups inputs, outputs and storage.

An input is information you give to the computer for example the keyboard is an input, the controller is an input, a touch screen is an input, a mouse is an input, a motion sensor sensor can be input. An output is what the computer gives you for example you are using the keyboard to search the web for cats the computer will show you pictures of cats that is an output, other outputs are speakers, headphones, monitor, motor, lights, projector. Storage is what things are stored on for example a hard drive is storage, a USB can be storage. so if you wanted to save a picture of a cat you just searched for you would be able to find it in the hard drive.


Software is the part of a computer you cannot physically touch or hold it is things like games and operating systems. Software is sorted into two groups: program and operating systems. Some examples of programs are: Microsoft word, Microsoft powerpoint, internet explorer, safari, Google chrome and Python. Some examples of operating systems are: IOS, Android, Windows, Linux and Ubuntu.
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