John Brown

A Radical Abolitionist

Early Life of John Brown

John brown was born in Torrington, Connecticut in May 9, 1800 to Ruth Mills and Owen Brown. His family were highly against slavery and felt that it was wrong. At a young age, Brown had to witness a 12 year old slave boy get beaten and whipped, scarring him for life and later inspiring him to help in the Underground Railroad.

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His Work as an Abolitionist

He had been moving from place to place, facing many financial difficulties. He even took part in the Underground Railroad. He gave land to many of the free African Americans and formed a group called the League of Gileadites, a group focused on protecting African Americans from slave hunters. He later moved to Kansas, which at the time was going through conflict as to whether it will become a free state or a slave state. He then become involved in the conflict and in 1856, he and his men killed 5 pro-slavery me(, (

Pictures and Accomplishments

Major Accomplishments


Brown's accomplishments of all the slaves free and the pro-slavery men fought lead him to be infamous among the free slaves and Northerners. Though he had all the support of them, he was captured later hanged for his crimes. The raid did much to slow the coming of the Civil War.


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