Watauga Weekly

February 1-5, 2016




Monday, Feb 1

7th Girls Basketball vs. Euless @ WMS

7th Boys Basketball vs. Euless @ Euless

Tuesday, Feb 2

Texas Star Pizza Party 3:30 in the Library

Spring Open House 6:00-7:00

Wednesday, Feb 3

Faculty/Grade Level Mtgs.

Thursday, Feb 4

8th Girls Basketball vs. Euless @ Euless

8th Boys Basketball vs. Euless @ WMS

Friday, Feb 5

25 School Days till Spring Break

Saturday, Feb 6

Band Ensemble Contest @ HMS

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Teacher Duties

Cafeteria am - Lane

Auditorium am - Moriak

200 Hall am - Levingston

300 Hall am - Mila

Parking pm - Pollard

Warrior Way pm - Pogue

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TWEETER of the Week:

Thank you to Tom Lane for his participation in this week's campus Twitter Chat.

You can join each Tuesday at 8:00pm. Questions can be found in the Digital Learning News sent by Mark Thomas each week.

Questions? See Tosh or Christine. (@birdville_DL)


***Weekly Winners park in Houston's spot until June!***

(Don't forget to send Ms. Houston your Twitter handle when you join.)

Future Date & Info

Wed, Feb 10 - AVID Site Team Meeting 7:50 am

Thurs, Feb 11 - All Day ARDS

Mon, Feb 15 - Professional Development

Tues, Feb 16 - 6th Gr Scheduling for next yr.

Wed, Feb 17 - LOL Mtg. 7:30 am

Wed, Feb 17 - Choir Pre-UIL @HHS

Thurs, Feb 18 - All Day ARDS

Fri, Feb 19 - 7th Gr Scheduling for next yr.

Tues, Feb 23 - Spring Pictures through Science

Wed, Feb 24 - FAC Mtg. 7:30 am

Wed, Feb 24 - Site Based Committee Mtg. 4:15 pm

Thurs, Feb 25 - 6th Gr Registration Lab 303

Fri, Feb 25 - 7th Gr Registration Lab 303

Wed, Mar 2 - Choir UIL @HHS

Wed, Mar 2 - Faculty/Gr Level Mtg.

Thurs Mar 3 - Incredible Kid Day

Happy February Birthdays!

February 1 - Pamela Hall

February 6 - Seini Mila

February 10 - Shannon Moriak

February 13 - Cindy Smith

February 23 - Dennis McMillion

February 27 - Stephanie McLaughlin

February 28 - Michael Franco

February 28 - Christine Thompson

February 29 - Clay Elmore

Word WITHIN the Word...

morph (shape) amorphous, morphology, protomorphic

vest (clothes) vestry, vestment, vestibule, vest, divest

bene (good) benefit, benevolent, beneficial, benediction

pond (weight) ponderous, ponder, preponderant, pound

corp (body) corpulent, corporation, corpse, corporal

dorm (sleep) dormitory, dormant, dormer

pater (father) paternalistic, patronize, paternity, patriarch

nov (new) novel, nova, novice, innovation, renovate

punct (point) punctuate, punctilious, puncture

ject (throw) eject, reject, conjecture, dejected, inject

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Maximizing Wonder and Creativity

In this Education Update article, Kathy Checkley suggests ways to spark students’ curiosity and creativity in the classroom:

• Have students maintain a Wonder Journal. Students jot down a question a day about things that intrigue them, and then select one to investigate further, writing a short essay or poem and sharing it with classmates.

• Set up a Wonder Counter in the classroom. Have students bring in objects that pique their curiosity, and then follow up with a Wonder Form – students bounce ideas about what an object suggests to them.

• Help students develop good questioning techniques. For example, with a visiting police officer, asking “thick” questions that elicit a detailed and thoughtful response – “What did you have to learn to become a police officer?”

• Tap students to become experts on a topic of their choice. Have students choose a particular area of the curriculum that intrigues them, study about it in depth, and make a presentation to the class.

• Allow students to be curious together. Curiosity is contagious, so it’s a good idea to pair shy students with those who are more vocal with their curiosity.

“The Wonder Years” by Kathy Checkley in Education Update, January 2016 (Vol. 58, #1, p. 1, 4-5), available for purchase at http://bit.ly/1lIK2ca

A collection of notable letters & A speech bank

This compilation has correspondence from a wide range of famous people – George Orwell, Paul Revere, Mats Gustafsson, and others:


“Letters of Note” edited by Shaun Usher, January 2016

The American Rhetoric website has a trove of notable speeches, texts, and recordings: http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speechbank.htm

“American Rhetoric,” January 2016

And the WINNER is:

Thank you to ALL who participated in the "Chili Cook-off"!!!

That was tasty..

1st place goes to TAMMY McLAIN for her white chili. (She "claims" she's never made it before!)

AND to

DEANNA BOYD for her Mexican Meatball Soup.

**** Jen says, "NO!!! She did not rig it! Real people were used in the voting!"****

"Henceforth, love is another utensil for deceit" ___R.N.

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Special thanks to Angelique for helping me out this week when I was absent. Angelique has done an amazing done this year and is a great teammate! This needs to be said! I am glad she is working with me in 6th grade social studies! She has made our program stronger! Thank you Angelique for all you do, you’re a fantastic teacher and an awesome coworker! ~Todd~

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