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Week of October 13th

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Dates To Know.....


15 Girls Basketball Games

16 Kona Ice

16 5th Grade Field Trip - Big Bone Salt Festival

19-23 National School Bus Safety Week

19 Basketball Practice

20 Girls Basketball Games

24 Boone County Schools Day of Play

Parent Teacher Conferences

Thursday, October 22 4-7pm
Monday, October 26 4-7pm


Save the date!!

Mustang Men Present..... Trunk-or-Treat

Wednesday, October 28th


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We wanted to be sure to communicate with you regarding our Attendance Policy. Within a school year, students who experience no more than 10 events of absence/tardy may utilize a parent note as a valid excuse. An event is any absence or tardy from school. Any excess of 10 events in a school year will require a doctor's/dentist's note. Parent notes for the first 10 events will be excused. A doctor or dentist note does NOT count towards the 10 events. After the tenth "excused" event, a signed physician's statement/note must be submitted in order for any additional absences to be excused.

Please note: If your child is running late for school, an adult must come into the office and sign the student(s) in for the day. This can count as 1 of the 10 excused parent notes for the year. However, if your child is tardy and a parent/adult does not come into the office to sign the child in, it is automatically an unexcused event.

Parent notes can be accepted in the form of a phone call into the office, an email into the office, or a handwritten note. For more information, please contact our Attendance Clerk, Krista DuVall at

Thank You!


With the seasonal changes that are occurring, many students are needing cough drops throughout the day. Please be advised that a parental consent form must be signed and on file at school. At that time, you may send in cough drops to be kept in the First Aid Room.

Students are permitted to carry and use lip balm.

Thank You!
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