Mrs. G's Classroom News

January 29, 2015

Classroom Management

We had a great full week of learning! I was out on Wednesday for a family funeral and the kids behaved very nicely for Mr. Greenhaugh. Students have also been doing a great job keeping track of their winter items. Please make sure your child brings shoes to wear in the classroom and the school. Many students would prefer wearing socks all day (I do too!), but for safety reasons they do need to have shoes on their feet at all times! Also, please have a discussion with your child about bringing toys to school. I think that it is ok for them to have some items to play with outside at recess, however many students are bringing in items and keeping them at their desks which is creating a distraction. Thank you so much!

Again, thank you to all who contributed to the silent auction basket. I am still amazed with the generosity of this classroom. Because of the many cash donations for the basket we obtained more money than what was spent on the Chromebook, headphones, case, speakers and Google Play cards. I am donating the extra directly PTO. A special thank you to Mrs. Fossum and Mrs. Popov for coming and and making our basket beautiful! Your help was greatly appreciated!

We are heading to Lansing on February 16th. Students are taking charter busses and chaperones will be asked to drive separately. Please see the fieldtrip note and permission slip in your child's Friday folder this week!

I apologize for this week's Friday folder being on the skimpy side. I am backed up with paper work. Expect next week's folder to be full as I will hopefully accomplish a lot of grading work this weekend. Thank you for understanding.

Writing Workshop

We learned about thesis statements, organizing our personal essay using boxes and bullets and started our introduction paragraphs. These writing pieces are going to turn out great. I hope to have most publishing using Google Drive next week.

Reading Workshop

We whizzed through our second round of Mystery book clubs this week. Students read a new section and had a meeting every day. I conferenced with many small groups and was extremely pleased with the comprehension I was witnessing with this particular genre. We got back into logging our reading at I encourage all students to read at least three times a week at home and log their reading using this program as well. It is so nice for students to see all of their reading accomplishments on this great online program. If you haven't seen your child's virtual bookshelf at biblionasium, check it out soon! Their username and password is in their agenda.
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Word Work

We worked on suffixes this week with spelling unit 14. We also worked on Common Core Standards for capitals in titles, commas in addresses and possessive nouns. Almost all students have mastered these skills! Woot! Woot!


We finished up the majority of Unit 5 this week. We will have our test on Tuesday, February 2nd. We worked on a study guide and I strongly recommend you review it with your student this weekend. Students can also log into and practice any third grade decimal (AA) skill to assist with concepts learned in class.


We accomplished a lot in science this week. We learned Newton's second law of motion and did an experiment using a coin, index card and cup. We also talked about friction and did an experiment with race cars, sand paper and construction paper. The kids loved watching a Bill Nye Science Guy video on Friction. Students were introduced to Newton's third law of motion and made a balloon powered car to demonstrate this law with the help of a video from You can see the video link by clicking HERE.
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