Reiman Gardens

Welcome newcomers discover what we're all about!

Currently at Reiman Gardens

This years is Reiman Gardens' 20th anniversary! They always have something new to look at in their gardens and this season, through October 25th it's tree houses! There are eight of them to see all over the gardens. In addition to the tree houses new butterflies are there everyday. These include a Blue Morpho, Giant Wood Nymph, and Postman butterflies.

Our Mission

The mission of Reiman Gardens according to it's website is to "Educate, enchant, and inspire an appreciation of plants, butterflies, and the beauty of the natural world." They are an organization of ISU and therefore its mission is also Reiman Gardens mission.They embody ISU's mission of Construct, distribute, and implement knowledge in order to improve Iowa and the world through plants and butterflies. ISU is a land grant University which means that they received land through the Morril act. Reiman Gardens holds tours to educate those who come to the gardens. You can also wander around on your own.

Our History

Iowa State has had a tradition of horticulture gardens that started in 1914. The first garden was located at the Iowa State Horticulture Research Station just north of the Farm House. It stayed there for fifty years until it moved to the north east corner of campus in 1964. The space was not adequate and the university wished to make the garden more visible so they chose to move it to the entrance to the campus as a way to beautify the area. The current plans for Reiman gardens were given to ISU Alumni Roy Reiman and his wife in 1993. The Reimans also contributed 1.3 million dollars to start the gardens. Construction started in 1994 and the dedication occurred in 1995. At its opening there were three gardens, a maintenance building and the learning center on five acres of land. Through expansion Reiman gardens now contains 17 acres on which many gardens flourish.

Orchid Extravaganza January 11-April 18 2016

Why should you come?

ISU students are allowed free admissions into Reiman Gardens. In addition to the beautiful landscape there are many places to sit and study. The butterfly room and the conservatory are open year around.

Everyone else is admitted for a fee of $8 for adults, $7 for seniors, and $4 for children. You can also hold events at Reiman gardens. You are able to rent out the entire gardens to hold your event in.

Reiman gardens also hosts tours for schools pre-k through 12. They also have additional lessons and activities you can add. You can also have a self guided tour. ISU classes are admitted free of charge as long as they call in advance.


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