Welcome to Dominica Island

"The Nature Island of the Caribbean"


In Dominica there is a lot of beautiful hotels, cottages, and resorts. Some in particular will amaze you. If you are willing to stay in a hotel then I would recommend Anchorage Hotel. It's so amazing! You can go whale watching and enjoy a nice day at the spa! However, if you would like to stay in a cottage or a resort, I would totally recommend Cocoa Cottage and Atlantique View Resort! You will have the most beautiful time their, at Dominica!

Delicious and Beautiful Restaurants!

Rainbow Beach Bar!

One specific restaurant is Rainbow Beach Bar! It has really great food and a lot of sea dishes! It is pretty expensive but its really worth it!

Here is the menu for Rainbow Beach

If you can see their are some really good foods but pricey.

What You Can Do At Dominica!

Well the first thing you can do is go to Morne Trois Pitons National Park. It has the most beautiful waterfalls and forest you will ever see! Another thing you can do is go turtle watching! You can go scuba diving and see beautiful creatures in the deep blue ocean.
Dominica Travel Video Guide

By: Diana Sanchez