Celebrating Auguste Escoffier

Hall of Fame Induction!

A day for the ages!

On this very important day, we celebrate Auguste Escoffier's phenomenal life by inducting him into the all time hall fame.

"You are emperor of chef's and chef of emperors." Emperor William ll

Mrs. Frisbie's class Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Thursday, Dec. 18th, 9am

Room C127

Born- Oct. 28, 1846, Villenevue-Loubet, France

Died- Feb. 12, 1935, Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Married to Delphine Daffis with three kids

Retired at age 74

Became executive chef of Savoy Hotel in 1890

Carlton Hotel in 1899

Personal Accomplishments

In his lifetime, Escoffier accomplished feats that other chefs can only dream about. At 12 years old, Escoffier apprenticed at a five star restaurant and again at 19 was studying under world renowned chefs. In 1870, Escoffier was the head chef of the French army which got him a lot of attention after leaving the service. In 1920 he won the Legion of Honour award for his use of seasonal foods to make complex meals more simple. He also revolutionized the Brigade system, making the kitchen more efficient and a safer place to be.

His Memory Today

Today Escoffier's memory is kept alive by many things. One of which is his memoir "Le Guide Culinaire." The Auguste Escoffier school of Culinary Arts is one of the largest in the United States and has campuses in Austin, Texas and Boulder, Colorado. Thirdly is the Auguste Escoffier Foundation which was made to send young chef's to their dream Culinary school.
History of Auguste Escoffier