Spring Break

Sammy Carolina

To Saturn We Go

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Ahmet and I went to Saturn for spring break. While traveling to Saturn ahmet took off his spacesuit and started to swim throught the rings. While doing that , I was flirting some cute aliens. Ahmet then came and took one out to eat while I took my date back to earth.while traveling back to earth me and glaustasia were invaded by her family and friends. I called Ahmet for back up while fighting back against the aliens. Then Ahmet came and blew them up with the grenade launcher. We brought some spare oxygen in a bag from earth. After the invasion we took our girls to pluto for a quick vacation. Our vacation last for 2 hours ( pluto time). Earth time 667,667 days.

Off To Dubai

Ahmet and I also went to Dubai for spring break. In Dubai we scuba dived in the prettiest water. Under the water we saw Ariel from the movie "The Little Mermaid". She introduced us to her friends and her father. After meeting Ariel we met spongebob and patrick in the bikkini bottom. He took us to the krusty krab and bought us some krabby patties. Also took us to the lake and took a quick dive in the salty waters. While walking to Atlantis we had to square off against the dirty bubble and rayman. I handed spongebob and patrick a mp15 and started blasting needles at the dirty buble. running out of ammo I called Ahmet for backup and ammo. He came as quick as light supplied us with what we needed. Rayman shot Ahmet with his ray gun and tackled him to the trash cans breaking his ribs. I quickly ran to Ahmet noticing that rayman shot his arm. While wrapping his arm he said to me March fools. We started laughing and walked spongebob home.

Back Home

While coming from an amazing adventure Ahmet and I decided to go back home. Coming off from I20, Ahmet and I stopped to get snacks and gas from the gas staion. While i was pumping the gas and Ahmet eating in the car, a group of guys pulled up in a black car. The group of guys pulled out knifes. Having fast reflexes Ahmet and I pulled out our water gun and squirted them with lemon juice. Falling to the ground, they called for back up. Quickly we got in the car and drove back on the highway. Going at 105, we had guys following us shooting turtles at our car. While i was driving, Ahmet was throwing seahorses and octopus at them. The seahorses were filled of silver and iron. They broke their window, popped their tires, and madfe them crash. We were full of relieve. Not saying a word, we headed back home peacefully.